Each year's crop circles have an underlying theme.  

The crop circles of 2008 have a theme of energy and

I would like to give you some of these symbols and a
brief description of what the interpretation is for each
crop circle of importance.  

Since 2007, I have been working with my partner Dennis
Holmes to get GEM Energy tested, confirmed, and
introduced to the planet for our survival.  We have
worked hard and everything that I know about
this GEM Energy is within these crop circles.  

When you read "The Hydrogen Cipher," you will
recognize everything that is within these symbols for


This is a significant crop circle because it truly defines
GEM Energy.  

Not only do you have the biblical quote above, but each
stream of flowing water has three dense round
elements at the end.  These are representative of the
three elements we are working with in GEM Energy;
Hydrogen, oxygen, and water, and it also represents the
formula for water H2O.    

The four circular elements which the streams of water
flow over are the symbol for LOVE in the alphabet for
The Language of Light.  

Thus water and what it is made of , two parts of
hydrogen and one part of oxygen, flow from the center
of God and over the symbol for LOVE.  

This is pretty amazing and stunningly accurate

There are also the two elements of the symbol for MAN
at the center.  This is haunting in its implication.  In the
symbol for MAN in "The Language of Light" this water is
flowing out of the hidden GOD within each one of us.  

Man must harness water and understand water for the
future of this planet.  The harmony between water,
hydrogen, and oxygen has significant spiritual
implications for the dawn of the new GOD MAN on this



This crop circle clearly displays something which looks
like gears.  Each of these three circular elements has
the symbol for MAN at its center, but now you have
something harnessed from out of the cosmos.  You
have GEM Energy emerging from the larger center
circle which represents the totality of all of God's

This is all about GEM Energy and what I am trying to get
out to the people of this planet.  

This crop circle represents the harmony which is
evident all around us biologically, geologically, and

This crop circle is about the whirling power
inherent in GEM Energy and the harmony of
the numbers.  The center portion defines some of the
mechanics of this energy and the numbers bring the
truth of what activates the tremendous amount of
energy available in GEM Energy.

When I saw this symbol, I just sat mesmerized
for a time looking at all the elements of what
GOD has given me for the survival of MAN on this


This symbol was found in Switzerland in 2008
and is so explicit in defining a symbol which was
brought out many years ago on my website as being
representative of the angelic harmonic.  

The understanding of the angelic harmonic is at the
heart of the whirling GEM Energy.  

This symbol carries a tone of liberation, the vital link
between our earthly understanding and the elevated
understanding of a cosmological design for mankind on
planet Earth.  

I simply wanted you to see that while EVEN I
sometimes think I'm nuts, the universe evidently
doesn't think so.  


This crop circle is so beautiful.  It defines not
only our internal spiritual flame, but also the
one which will liberate us from fossil fuel consumption
and the destruction of our planet.  

From the very center circular portion, you will
see something which looks like drops of water or the
flames of fire.  There are eight flames or
water drops.  This is significant in the finding of GEM

The outer area of this crop circle is a
combination of flames and the gears which
operate the cosmological design.  This is the
power of a whirling universe offering us the
understanding to harness a new day for mankind.  

Just enjoy the beauty of it for it is truth.


In this crop circle you will notice flames appearing in
the one circle on the outside and flames appearing in
the other on the inside.  

Our body burns hydrogen and oxygen daily to not only
produce our own physical water, but also to provide us
with energy.  

Clearly, the power of GOD is evident in every single
element of this crop circle.  The symbiotic nature of
ourselves and everything within the cosmological
structure.  The message is power within and power

This crop circle asks us to figure out the truth about the
GOD energy which is just waiting for us to figure out
how to harness it.  

So, again, this is about GEM Energy.  The energy which
happens every moment within our bodies and every
moment within the cosmos.  We are the stardust from
which we came.  We are not separate, but everything is
a divine template which will liberate our limited

What is within this crop circle is magical and

You will understand more about this when you read
"The Hydrogen Cipher."

This is a crop circle from Switzerland which also defines
GEM Energy and the power which is available once you
understand it.  

There are fiery elements on the end, given to the
world of MAN, and there are fiery elements flowing from
the center through watery and flowing channels.  So
beautiful and so explicit when you really look at
this crop circle.

Everything here flows and speaks of energy.

Below are some of the crop circles which I think you
should look at and contemplate.  I will only give you a
name of what it represents here, but if you want more
information, just write to me and I will describe it for

Enjoy the beautiful images below.

The symbol above is represented by the word

This crop circle represents the divine neutrality and the
UNIVERSAL ENERGETIC FLOW of consciousness and




This crop circle is a precious gem.  

YOU are the spirit jewel waiting to be polished.



Only a two-way-directional flow comes out of a square.  
YOU are circular, with energy which is
multidimensional, expansive, and explosive.















In the alphabet for "The Language of Light," you will
find all the elements to interpret these symbols for

"The Language of Light" alphabet is the language of
your soul.  

The symbols which define the alphabet slip within your
human body and inform and nurture.  

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