I have been transferring GEM Energy
into crystals now for about six months -
I have used my family and myself as a
barometer of what happens when this
energy is worn on the body.

It has been exceptionally gratifying to
me personally and to many others - I
will place some of the comments from
those people who were taken into this

Their input is very important in order
for you to decide for yourself if this is
something you would like to use in your
own life.  

Myself personally and family members
have been greatly helped by this tool.  
Thus, it is time to make this available to
all who wish to own their own bioactive
scalar device.  

Some testimonial statements follow -

1.  Oh, my God!  Ever since I put the
necklace on, my life has been nonstop
working on projects.  I feel different,
something I cannot explain.  It is like
life has somehow speeded up.  I have
always been able to read people, now I
am much more sensitive and aware of
the atmosphere around me.

I wear it day and night, and only rarely
do I take it off.  I stopped wearing many
of my protection stones because I feel I
am in a protective bubble.

2.  I opened the package and my hands
were immediately activated.  They
pulsated steadily for several hours.  
After that I didn't feel anything in
particular that I could describe, but I
found I didn't want to take it off.  I have
been wearing it nonstop.  Although,
since wearing the necklace, I have
been dreaming even more.  Sometimes
I hate to get out of bed because my
dreams are so strong.

3.  My mom appears to be walking
better and not losing her balance.

My hip pain appears to be not as
dramatic and not throwing me off
balance.  Having less pain is a blessing.

4.  There has been more cooperation
within my family.  I've also had some
pretty vivid and far out dreams, along
with high energy, making it difficult to
fall back to sleep.

5.  The necklace arrived.  I put mine on
and have kept it on.  I have noticed its
warmth several times.

6.  I began wearing the necklace you
sent as soon as it arrived.  The fog
lifted last night !  I rose this morning
with a crystal clear clarity once again.  
The message I received was so on
target.  I was able to write in my journal
and receive clarity on a part of my life
that goes back over 20 years.

7.  For about the last week and a half
things have remained more
harmonious in general on the home
front.  I am continuing to have some
pretty wild dreams that stick with me.  I
asked for more joy and noted more
episodes of spontaneous laughter
coming from me.

8.  A friend of mine, Jeff, held the
necklace and said he felt angelic and
beyond energy.  Another person felt a
peaceful and safe energy.  The pendant
said, "I might be small, but I am
mighty."  John, my husband, said he
feels peaceful and calm most of the
time.  Another person said my pendant
felt gentle.

9.  I noticed right away how the scalar
energy attracts to me what I love the
most.  I can feel my high heart
respond.  The best I ever did is right
before me!  Thank you for your gift.
10.  Mom is grateful every day and
is verbalizing her appreciation
more often.

I attribute her positive attitude, no
matter how bad she has felt, to the

11.  I am reporting back to you on
the GEM Necklace.

I've slept with it two nights in a row
and wow!  Both nights I
experienced very lucid dreams.

12.  I am wearing the necklace and
all in all, I would say I'm more
conscious and being less reactive.  
I am having on-going dreams with
lots of stuff, like alternate realities.

13.  I've been working with the
necklace and have noticed how I
can work with my crystals and
gemstones much easier and
without the resistance I was
experiencing before.  There is now
a flow and an awareness of

14.  The package came through the
door and I lay with the necklace
under my pyramid.  I could feel the
beautiful warm energy of it
throughout my body.  It seems to
wrap me in peace.

I will add more as I have time.  
People are calling and wanting
these necklaces and I just haven't
had the time to get the information
up on the webpage.  So, here you
go my friends.  I will add to this
webpage as I can.
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United States.
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from outside the
United States
Inside the necklace are three small
crystals which have been
embedded with three GEM
Spheres, thus there is a transfer of
GEM Energy into the small crystals.
Thank you to those who
tested this energy and your
follow up testimonials.
Frank Chilli is a dear friend and he
was one of the first to receive this
necklace for testing.  Here is his

Shortly after putting on my GEM
Necklace, I reclined on my back
preparing to go into a meditative

Almost immediately the roof of my
dwelling opened into an immense
night sky that was as a curvature - I
found myself viewing a curved
Universe however it was a
background of very soft grey with a
latticework of symbols
superimposed as an overlay.  The
symbols - in bold black - made a
stunning contrast against a soft grey
background yet they were all
interconnected and flowed just
perfectly one-into-another.  

Each symbol was connected yet
disctinctively unique from every
other symbol that they were
connected to - they just seemed to
flow as a latticework or a matrix the
likes of which I've never imagined,
nor seen previously - yet it all made
complete and perfect sense and was
in logical order.  

I viewed this in the utmost of
amazement for quite some time and
it remains with me still.

Thank you Frank - you are a glorious
star who landed on this planet ready
to go.
GEM Spheres and GEM Necklaces - We are now ready
to fulfill our SCALAR DESTINY, bringing us closer to
the singularity.  

Scalar fields exist out of relative time and space.

Scalar Energy does not radiate as waves, but rather
expands outwards in circles of neutral energy.

Scalar Energy does not decay over time or distance
from its source.

Scalar Energy has the capacity to carry information.

Scalar fields are an ocean of infinite energy.

This is also known as zero point energy.   It is a zero
field of harmony where you can finally find peace and
respite - a place of stillness and reverence for life, a
place where your body can heal and your mind can
create beauty all around you.

Scalar Energy tends to fill its environment with these
zero-point harmonious waves of peaceful completion.

GEM Energy is composed of the elements of life -
Hydrogen, Oxygen, brought together with water.  
This creates an intelligent plasma which recognizes

Water is the only substance on this planet which can
create a biological system of plasma.