The early alchemists
were looking for the
prima materia.  Their
whole process was to
find this substance.

Paracelsus in the
Philosophia ad
Atheninses talked of
this materia as a
secret which had
absolutely nothing
to do with the

He stated that it
filled the entire regio
aetherea and that it
was the mother of the
elements and every
created thing.  

He described this
materia as mysterious,
prepared by God in
such a way that there
will be nothing like it

This vessel which is a downward pointing triangle
is called a PONS (difficult to see in this visual).  

A PONS is a bridge from one thing to another.    
One of the best quotes I have found
about prima materia describes perfectly
the process by which we mix GEM
Energy, see the visual to the right:

It is not, therefore necessary - indeed it
is wrong - to unite two or more things to
form our prima materia; but to find the
ONE THING and separate the
superfluities from it, reuniting the
remainder in correct proportions.  

Author unknown  

The one thing, of course, is WATER.  
When you separate out the superfluities -
hydrogen and oxygen - you can then mix
them back together according to the
formula and you have brought GOD and
MAN TOGETHER  and made a fifth
element which can save the planet.

When I found this PRIMA
MATERIA plate I was in
complete shock.

Here it is folks, GEM
Energy is explicitly given
here when you know what
you are looking for.
Early alchemists were also
philosophers and mystics,
such as, Isaac Newton,
Roger Bacon, Saint
Thomas Aquinas, Thomas
Brown, and Paracelsus.

The knowledge about this prima materia, or 5th
element, is primary to our physical and spiritual

Where this leads will be a ladder into the
currently unknown dimensions of time and
space and the knowledge of the harmonious gift
of the divine creative essence.  

This 5th element is GEM Energy which
harmonizes hydrogen and oxygen to a point
that, not only energy, but the knowledge about
the corridors of time and space can finally be

It is then that we will be accepted back into the
Brotherhood of MAN.  

This is the alchemical plate
of the winged sun coming
out of water which is
colored by Adam McLean.  
My interpretation of this
plate is to the left.

In this alchemical plate to the
left, you can clearly see the two
vapors (hydrogen/oxygen).  

There is tremendous
symbolism here.  There is the
harmony between the sun and
moon, the three fountains
pouring water, and the two
vapors.  There are three feet to
the fountain and the three
petals of the blossom at the top
of the fountain.

Compare this one to the prima
materia plate above and you
can see how GEM Energy fits
into our future.

Alchemical symbol for GOLD.

Hydrogen Atom

The truth is glaringly evident.  Our sun is
nothing more than a gaseous ball of
hydrogen (92% by volume).  

What does the sun bring us?  LIFE is the
answer.  Without the sun there would be
no life.  Therefore, you can surmise that
Hydrogen brings life and the spirit of life.

No electron moves in a living system
without the presence of Hydrogen.  

Are you starting to see what the early
alchemists were trying to tell us?

Oxygen is necessary for our
physical manifestation.

Hydrogen is necessary for our
spiritual evolution.

When you reach a harmony
between the two, you have
enlightenment, health and vitality,
energy, and the mystery has been

In this alchemical plate to
the left.  Notice the

The sun, the two vapors,
the angels carrying a drop
of the solvent from GOD -

In the lower realm (earth),
the two vapors must be
separated and remixed.  
Then, you will notice that
the two black curtains
part and the truth is

To finally see through the veil
and acknowledge the truth is the
greatest gift we can receive.  

I hope I have given you the gift of