The information which has been given to me regarding our ascension vehicle is
important to each one of us. My walk within the Language of Light symbols over
the last year has been one of constant discovery and spiritual growth.  I could only
wish for every single person on the planet to have this information right this minute
because there is literally no time to waste.

This article is an experience which has forever confirmed for me the validity of the
information which I have received about the symbols of the Language of Light.

The experience, itself, is one which left me crying and in a STATE OF JOY for hours
after it had ended.

The experience ultimately placed me in the uncomfortable position of needing to
get this information out to every single person who can profit spiritually and
personally from its message.  This need is intense and alarming.

With the above in mind, I would like to share with you an experience of great
spiritual importance.

As I found myself being immersed within an ebb-like flow of SPIRITUAL TRUTH
which was being brought into me just like a wave of water in the ocean. It was
filtering and expanding within me and I was trying to set this information about
moving negative energy down on paper.  As I finished writing this information
down, I was completely exhausted and felt the need to concentrate and infuse my
body with all that I had received.  So, I decided to lie down and close my eyes.

As I was lying there, I was going over the information which I had just received and
letting it filter through my body and mind for absolute retention and soul growth.

Suddenly, I was aware of a GOLDEN LIGHT approaching from the right side. It was
the CHRIST and he was magnificent in a glorious GOLDEN GLOW. I was
mesmerized and expectant as I was washed with his amazing presence. It was then
that he looked into my eyes. The moment that our eyes locked on each other, a
GOLDEN THREAD came from his heart and connected with my heart. This GOLDEN
THREAD was oscillating and ALIVE and it was shimmering with the GOLDEN LIGHT
that was being given off from its center.

Then, as I watched this strand and the magnificence of it, a triangle began to form
of this GOLDEN THREAD, with CHRIST being one point of the base and with me
being the other. The GOLDEN THREAD went up quite far to form this triangular

As I was watching this triangle of GOLDEN THREAD, I was feeling within my body
the TINGLING GOLDEN ENERGY which was streaming through this LIFE-
SUSTAINING strand. Suddenly, my attention was turned to the triangular form
again, because it started to form a dimensional pyramid.

    When the dimensional pyramid was completed, I was drawn to the center of
    this dimensional pyramid. The GOLDEN THREAD was still attached to the
    CHRIST, heart-to-heart.

    At this point, the pyramid filled with a liquid-silver substance and I was washed
    with and immersed in this substance. I suddenly seemed to know that this was
    the TRUE BAPTISM of the spirit.

    The CHRIST then backed out of the pyramid configuration and pointed his eyes
    towards the heavens. As I looked up, I saw a giant circle come down and top
    the GOLDEN PYRAMID. It then started to spin, creating a GIANT SPIRAL which
    was sent heavenward.

    I suddenly had the realization that this was the activated symbol for GRAND
    DESIGN. This was its true purpose, it is your ascension vehicle to carry your
    connected essence (zipped up essence, once obtaining ISNESS) to GOD.

    I lay still for about thirty minutes and I felt tingling throughout my body, as the
    molecules and cells of my body were initiated into the GOLDEN LIGHT from
    the CHRIST. This was the cellular origin, perfectly balanced cells, alive with the
    vibrancy of the CHRIST LIGHT.

    After the experience was over, I realized that the pyramids of Egypt and their
    missing capstones were also the symbol for GRAND DESIGN. The capstone
    would descend from another dimension and would top the Great Pyramid. This
    entire sequence was activated by the initiates and their desire to achieve
    NEUTRALITY/ISNESS and then timed by the priests and priestesses of the
    temple. When the initiate had progressed to that ascension-ready point, the
    capstone would descend from the ethers and spin on the top of the pyramid.
    The MAGIC SPIRAL OF ASCENSION, the gift of the PHARAOHS was given to
    those initiates.

    The symbol for GRAND DESIGN is given below. It is your ascension vehicle
    and will baptize you with the liquid-silver essence of ascension, whereby you
    are given the GIANT SPIRAL of MASTERY. You can now send spirals of light to
    any person or place of your choosing.

    You are given the MASTER'S TOOL to use for all time, the spiraling energy of
    the CREATOR. You can now astral travel with this activated symbol for the

    Over the next several days, I was walking within this new energy pattern and
    the information which was received. I kept activating the symbol for GRAND
    DESIGN. As this kept happening, a powerful voice within me was reverberating
    the words ~


    I then became aware that the activated GRAND DESIGN symbol was also
    present within the Language of Light symbols for ARC OF THE COVENANT,
    HEART, SPIRIT, and GOD. With these symbols being part of the 24-symbol
    alphabet that I was given for the Language of Light.  As I now read the
    descriptive words which were given to me about each symbol which
    contained the components of the GRAND DESIGN, I recognized the activated
    GRAND DESIGN within each one of them and how the energy was converted.
    The symbol, itself, can become a vehicle for mastery of oneself.

    As GOLDEN stardust particles, we are creative magma which has
    congealed to a point that it has lost the vision of its original design.
    By starting the DIVINE FIRE of ASCENSION, we warm the congealed
    magma and become a pliable substance of creation, a CREATOR. As
    we move within this FIRE-HOT dimension, we are spiraling particles
    of the DIVINE BREATH. It is then that we are acting through the

    Then, as luminous CO-CREATOR GOD-BEINGS, we will inhabit this beautiful
    circular blue planet EARTH from a perspective of intermingled LIGHT
    ESSENCE which is performing a DANCE OF LOVE to CREATE A NEW WORLD.
    It is then that MOTHER EARTH will shower us with her bounty as a tribute to

    A vision appeared before me as I wrote these words above and I saw the
    EARTH encircled by a RAINBOW which grew dimensionally until the entire
    EARTH was encased in the majestic RAINBOW COLORS. I then became aware
    that this was the JEWELED CROWN of ASCENSION for the planet EARTH.
    When enough of us have enacted the ASCENSION SPIRAL, we will have
    allowed the MOTHER EARTH to ascend as well.

    Come my brothers and sisters, help our planet, help us all, by activating your
    into NEUTRALITY. Stop the judgments which have plagued us all and move
    into allowance. Pick up the JOY which is yours and which has been awaiting
    your remembrance.

    A marvelous thing happens when you activate this GOLDEN SPIRAL, you
    become a hooked-up member of the GOLDEN WEB. It is then that you can hear
    the angel choir, because you are part of the harp-string of the heavenly chorus.
    You become, as you always have been, a member of heaven's choir, albeit a
    silent string. Your resonant note is needed to fine-tune the instrument of life.  

    Below you will find the symbol for CHRIST and you will understand why the
    words CHRIST and JOY were, in the previous websites, always placed in a
    pink color.  

    Be sure to read the description about this symbol within the Language of Light
    section to understand why it is so powerful.