"The Whispering Truth of Power"

    We will begin with the myth of Atlantis, albeit a myth with power, and we know this or
    we would not be fascinated with the mythological Atlantis.

    Or was it a myth?

    What truth is there to be gained from a look at this lost land?

    As we come into the energy of Atlantis, we realize that there is some kind of memory
    which resides in each one of us which keeps this glorious land a communal memory for
    all of us.

    The glory and power which was said to have existed in Atlantis makes it inspirational
    and a goal for mankind.  How could this civilization have misused and abused this
    power and been destroyed in a single day and night, sinking beneath the sea?

    The legend began with Plato who wrote about this mythological continent in the
    dialogues of Timaeus and Critias.

    Plato further tied this continent to Egypt.

    In the dialogues of Critias, a description of the land is given.

    A hill upon which lived Cleito and which was encircled by alternative rings of
    land and water,  two of land and three of water.   There were two springs of
    water which came up from beneath the earth, one was warm and the other
    was cold.

    There were 10 sons who became kings of the lands. The eldest son was Atlas,
    who gave his name to that land which he was said to rule.

    When Plato tells of the destruction of Atlantis, he starts with the loss of wisdom and
    virtue.   He tells that the divine nature was diluted and human nature took over.

    Zeus was said to be the God of Gods, and he saw what was happening to the people of
    Atlantis, and he collected all the gods into his most holy abode, and the story ends.  

    Plato never finished the dialogues. Atlantis has never been found and was said to have
    slipped beneath the sea, the glory that was Atlantis was no more.

    In this information above we have the story of the land, three circles of water
    (primordial waters) and two circles of land.  The symbol for MAN will jump out at you,
    if you use your SPIRIT EYES and listen with your heart.

    The ten kings are the elements of the 1 and 0, 10 is the number of the division between
    male and female, and we must understand those ten kings in order to crown them again
    in our bodies.

    Atlas, who was said to support the earth on his shoulders, is where the name Atlantis
    originated.   In the body, the atlas is the first cervical vertebra and the place where
    magic begins.  The place where the three circles begin to hum and interact, extending
    to the far reaches of space and time.

    The story of Atlantis is spiritually real and contains the truth for us to really see
    through the myth and the dream.  When we lost our divine nature and took up the
    manifest world, we became co-creators with GOD.  The focus on the manifest world
    rather than the divine potential caused the atlas energy in the spine to dive beneath
    the primordial waters, and this left us with a lost direct connection with GOD.

    This, of course, is the reference by Plato to a land that misused its power and the land
    sank beneath the waters, in a land where the inhabitants were veiled from their power
    and unity to all creation.

    The 10 was now ruling, the division of male and female, creation and emotion, and the
    duality which has been in place since the waters parted and left us as the only creative
    spark, searching for a way to find our divine home.

    Is it any wonder that Atlantis has been in the minds and hearts of so many, looking to a
    discovery of it physically, so that we could return to our true home.

    If you are looking for your personal power, if you are looking for spiritual power, if you
    are looking for the power beyond our universe, and if you are looking for the inner
    world which will show you the power of everything that ever was and ever will be,
    please realize that it resides in the truth you will find in this website.   It is all here for
    your personal discovery.

    Atlantis, oh how we have all whispered that name and inwardly knew that yes, indeed,
    we did once have an awesome power.  We have wondered how a people could misuse
    that power and lose it for all time, but we are all doing it to this very day. The few
    must become the light warriors who will bring the truth to the many.

    Atlantis is the story of the crop circles, the crop circles are the story of the power of
    Atlantis. This, my precious brothers and sisters is the power of the THREE CIRCLES
    OF MAN.

    The symbols in the Language of Light alphabet are powerful and can bring to your
    body the ability to come up out of the darkness of a material world  into the light of a
    new spiritual awakening.