A potential was born!   

    As the Golden Center reached out and touched the void with
    exquisite love, a moment was born like no other.  

    The darkness was infused with the Golden splendor of infinite
    potential and love.   

    The spirit of love was thrilled into becoming, harmony was
    born, and a tone deposited the seeds of life.   

    As the glorious GOLDEN CENTER ESSENCE moved across the
    seeded areas rich with the potential of perfect creation ~ hydrogen ~
    the hum began and a perfect symbol of GOD’s undying love started
    moving across the deep ~ light was born.   

    The sun sent a sweet tone to the hydrogen-rich seeded area, and the
    perfect counterpart was born, the moon.  

    Moving together as rulers of the day and night, they symbolized the
    perfect balance of spirit.  The Sun as the Golden light and perfect
    replica of the GOLDEN CENTER OF ALL, and the Moon as the
    perfect reflection of PHASED SILVER LIGHT.  

    Having thus provided the basis for life and as the symbols of GOD’s
    undying love, the GOLDEN CENTER was again sweetly and
    expectantly expanded in exquisite love.  

    As the essence of the creator moved over the primordial substance
    of creation ~ hydrogen ~ the gift of that essence was given to the
    planet known as Earth.  The gases were alive with potential and
    awaited the creator’s bidding.   

    As a GOLDEN choice of separation from the creative ALL, it was
    chosen to use two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen to be
    the essence whereby creation could continue.   

    These gases were singled out to be the creative essence which
    mankind would need to discover in order to take back dominion and
    become spirit man.  

    Thus, the waters were divided, the above from below, yet separate
    only by their number, and containing the same essence.   

    As the darkness (moon) and light (sun) continued to move across the
    love-filled universe, the tone was sent to harness the rest of the
    planets into a perfect pattern to allow spiritual growth and

    These were patterns of divine inspiration and creation, wandering
    throughout the known universe, in their elliptical harmony with each
    other, and awaiting a day of potential expansion.  

    As the world thundered and moved under GOD’s creative control,

    The word was given by GOD to create a being whose sole purpose
    was, and is, to live in love, create in love, and advance their spirit in
    love.   This spirit would be rich with all GOD’s golden kingdom, alive
    with the truth, and ready to be divided from that truth in order to
    discover it anew.  The potential was to attain the GLORY of GOD’s
    Kingdom through personal spiritual struggle and development, and
    thus with the directive to magnify the creative spark to other
    regions which were already seeded.  

    As the divine hand moved over man for the first time, it was an
    exquisitely grand day of potential.  

    The world which was given to mankind was teaming with life and
    potential.  The waters ran clear and free.  The land was rich with the
    potential to sustain life.   The symbiotic structure was perfectly

    Man now was ready to walk on the land and take dominion.  Man
    was ready to glorify GOD and his own spirit by embracing,
    magnifying, and expanding the Golden Center.   

    The gases swirled and the mists blinded mankind from the truth of all
    that was meant to be inherited.   

    Genesis 2:10  “And a river went out of Eden to water the
    garden; and from thence it was parted, and became into
    four heads.  

    Genesis 2:11 “The name of the first is Pison:  that is it
    which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there
    is gold.”

    The Golden Center waits patiently for our return to the exalted
    potential which was given from the beginning.   

    The God Particle was given on the day of creation.  

    The water flows endlessly from countless numbers of rivers and
    streams and we do not recognize its hydrogen-rich creative
    component, the substance from which our potential was created and

    The seas ebb and wane ceaselessly and we are still blinded.   

    Our division was so complete that we even harm each other, GOD’s
    perfect creation, alive with the same creative breath and spark as
    the original.  

    Take back your dominion mankind.  I beg you to stop polluting the
    creative substance from GOD’s creative center.  Create, mankind,
    with the hydrogen-rich energy which is contained in WATER.  The
    water on the planet and the water which is within each one of us.   

    We need to find that neutral point within the hydrogen and oxygen
    combination.  This is the Void, whereby we can then emerge from
    our miasma and take back our dominion over this planet and,
    ultimately, our spirits.   

    Our potential will then be reborn.