Together, we will undertake the mystery of STONEHENGE and how
    this becomes important to us in the current century.

    As you probably already know, the CROP CIRCLES, themselves,
    have been consistently seen to be physically placed around the
    mysterious site of STONEHENGE.  So, what kind of illumination can
    my WINGED INFORMERS shed on this structure of ancient wonder?

    We have previously been given information regarding the significance
    and purpose of the GREAT PYRAMID and how the Ancient
    Egyptians used this as an initiation temple. This temple of initiation
    was the sacred site where those prepared initiates could start the
    ASCENSION SPIRAL. The spiritual site of accomplishment, wherein
    the magnificent golden SPIRAL was given to those who had prepared
    themselves well.  The site where the ELECTRUM substance of
    GOLD and SILVER was alchemically brought together, allowing for a
    neutralized man or woman who was in touch with the external and
    internal source of ALL THAT IS ~ GOD.

    Since we now know the mystery of the GREAT PYRAMID, what
    mystery can STONEHENGE reveal to us?

    Stonehenge and its circular configuration holds a vital link to all the
    material which I have presented thus far.  It mirrors the TRUTH, as it
    has been given to me, and it was a powerful site of DRUID
    MASTERY. The Celtic people and their Druid religion, while not the
    builders of STONEHENGE, are the people who are most often
    associated with its circular borders.  In fact, the Druids were known as
    the people of the round stones.

    Of course, no story of STONEHENGE could be told without mention
    of Merlin the Magician and King Arthur.  King Arthur of the Round
    Table and Merlin the magician who transformed the young boy,
    Arthur, into a legendary king whose story has been told throughout
    the centuries. Of course, Merlin was known to have been a Druid
    master and, thus, there is a dynamic relationship to STONEHENGE.

    The round table, the men of the round stones, and STONEHENGE
    with its circular borders and, of course, the magic of Merlin.  All of
    this is attempting to penetrate our conscious mind with a story which
    can personally help us recognize a TRUTH which we have always
    known, yet can't quite remember.  The myths which have circulated
    through time about King Arthur and Merlin are only the symbols of
    the greater TRUTH which lies buried in these stories of fancy.

    A journey through the Akashic Halls will provide the real TRUTH for
    each one of us and allow us to obtain that which we have merely
    forgotten. The symbology of the mythical tales of Merlin's magic and
    Arthur's introduction into his mystical world are the real GEMS which
    are contained in each and every fanciful story.

    The fact is that the DRUIDS were accomplished mystics and certainly
    knew the universal secrets which I was shown during my expanded
    awareness experience. The revelations which are going to come
    forward during this article will take you, the reader, a quantum leap
    forward in understanding the mystery which surrounds
    STONEHENGE and how it was used. We will explore the circular
    borders of this mystical site and we will be guided to and through an
    initiation ritual which will be performed for us as we journey back in
    time and as we are accompanied by the SERAPHIM.

    The first obvious point which needs to be made is that the scholars
    who have studied this ancient monument have postulated that it was
    used for astronomical purposes.  I can expand on that by what has
    been shown to me, both from my experience and from the recent
    adventure which I was given through this time period.  It was shown to
    me that the Druids were repositories of the mystical wisdom which
    was passed to them from off-earth visitors and continued through
    their own divine visions.  It has been postulated that STONEHENGE
    was built by the people of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. The mystical
    wisdom and truth of many of the past civilizations is on-going because
    of the underlying DIVINE TRUTH which permeates those cultures.
    The original WISDOM which was instilled into these great past
    civilizations and cultures was revealed to me in great detail during my
    expanded awareness experience. It was the detail of that experience
    which is allowing me to penetrate to the TRUTH of many things,
    including the mystery of the GREAT PYRAMID and the mystery of
    STONEHENGE.   My winged helpers, the SERAPHIM, are able to
    instruct and guide me to revelatory expansion because the underlying
    spiritual structure was given to me in a way that I will never forget it.

    Stonehenge (hanging stones) is a CIRCLE WITHIN A CIRCLE
    WITHIN A CIRCLE. The three circles which represent MAN in the
    Language of Light alphabet.  

    The TRINITY of the expansive three circles found in an ancient
    monument which, like the GREAT PYRAMID, has remained a
    mystery since its discovery. The inner circle is really of a horseshoe-
    shape and represents the disconnected circular energy within the
    heart center of mankind. The mysteries which I was shown while out-
    of-body are an integral part of this mysterious monument of stones.
    The correlation between this ancient monument and its mysterious
    purpose certainly requires further investigation. There is so much to
    be imparted within the short space of an article that I will try to
    condense all the information into an understandable whole.

    As you look at the visual representations which are presented below,
    we will explore the mystical significance of STONEHENGE

    As you look at the visual representations of STONEHENGE, I would
    like you to notice the ditch which is at the periphery.

    This ditch really represents the outer circle and was banked and lined
    by CHALK, thereby emphasizing its WHITE BORDERS.  This is a
    significant finding and we will explore this further in the article.  Also,
    the outer circle is level with the ground and this, also, becomes a
    significant finding within the structure of STONEHENGE.  

    The second circle contains thirty massive pillars (Sarsen stones) which
    weigh approximately 40 tons and stand 16 feet tall. These stones are
    not native to the area around STONEHENGE. These Sarsen circle
    stones are sandstone rocks and they form an elevated circle which is
    seen from above and, literally, represents energy which now is not of
    the earth but which has arisen from the earth. The thirty pillars are
    representative of the thirty-year age which was paramount within the
    Druidic tradition. The use of 30 Sarsen stones is also significant
    because if you eliminate the 0, you have the universal energy of this
    dimension which is the 3.......Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, three
    dimensions and, of course, the circle within a circle within a circle. The
    dynamic principle of life on earth and the mystery which was meant to
    be discovered through all the past centuries.

    The inner circle (horseshoe) contains the largest stones within the
    entire monument and these have been called trilithons because of
    their massive size of 20-25 feet. So we can postulate that because of
    their massive size, they must have held a great deal of importance
    within this structure and are, thus, exaggerated compared to the rest
    of the structure.

    This larger size also means that we have three different levels of
    circles within the STONEHENGE structure.  As these three circles
    rise in configuration, you have energy which begins to SPIRAL. Now,
    you will notice that there is a smaller rock circle between the largest
    horseshoe in the center and another smaller rock circle at the very
    inner core of the STONEHENGE structure. What do these represent?

    These circles are of smaller stones which are known as blue stones.
    These blue stones are only found in Wales and this is over 250 miles
    away. If you crack open a blue stone, they glimmer with crystals
    which are contained within a bright blue background. This is a
    significant finding and a telltale sign that we are on the right track,
    but what is their significance within the three-circle pattern of

    In my previous article about the EYE and the SOUL PATH
    PATTERNS, I would like to point out that the background which
    peeks out behind any iris color is a beautiful bright blue. Since the
    three circles of man are represented in the EYE of each one of us, you
    can start to see a glimmer of TRUTH which is emerging within the
    borders of STONEHENGE.

    I also pointed out above that the DITCH which was dug around
    STONEHENGE was lined on each side with CHALK, thus
    representing the whiteness of the outer eye and the TRUTH of our
    SPIRIT HOME, our placement within the borders of ALL THAT IS ~

    I mentioned above that all TRUTHS are universal, whether you are
    talking about the individual here on planet earth or about galactic
    TRUTHS. Keeping in mind the BLUE of the BLUE STONES and the
    BLUE which peeks out from behind the IRIS of mankind, I would like
    to inform you that Gordon-Michael Scallion has seen a vision of a Blue
    Star appearing in the heavens. Also, there is an ancient Hopi Indian
    prophecy about a Blue Star Kachina making its appearance in the

    The background color of the eye, the significance of BLUE STONES
    within the STONEHENGE monument and the fact that I have been
    told that the wondrous BLUE ROSE ATOM
    in the heart is that which needs to be
    activated and reconnected.  

    Are you starting to see the significance of BLUE as a SOUL COLOR
    which has a harmony and resonance to SPIRITUAL GROWTH and
    UNDERSTANDING?  Did the builders of STONEHENGE understand
    the significance of the BLUE which resides behind the DIVINE
    MATRIX of our eye patterns and which proclaims our underlying
    spirituality?  I have been shown that they did understand the
    UNIVERSAL MYSTERIES and they understood the DIVINE
    MATRIX which looks at us in the mirror. Our placement within the
    three circles allows us to SPIRAL out of our earthly domain and
    between the LARGE HORSESHOE STONES and the RAISED
    CIRCLE OF THE SARSEN STONES and this is the exact placement
    in our eye patterns. The BLUE peeks out from behind the iris of the
    eye and whispers to us, both from our personal mirrors and from the
    magical site of STONEHENGE. There is also an inner circle of BLUE
    implication here is that the BLUE STONES with the crystals inside
    will help activate the RISING SPIRIT and accelerate the
    ELECTRICAL CONNECTION which needs to be made inside the
    HEART, the activation of the BLUE ROSE ATOM.

    As you topographically look at STONEHENGE through the above
    graphic picture, you will notice the four station stones. These mark
    the square within the circle and is part of the truth of SACRED
    GEOMETRY.  The Druids even used an iron ingot with a double-
    pyramid configuration for trade. The double-pyramid configuration
    represents the mastery of spirit and the principle of AS ABOVE, SO
    BELOW. The double-pyramid can also represent the MERKABAH
    and the energy which I was allowed to observe around the human

    You enter into the STONEHENGE CIRCLE via two stone pillars
    (DUALITY) and it is within this MARVELOUS CIRCLE that you
    drop the DUALITY OF EARTH and clothe yourself with the
    and activate your spiritual reconnection, the electrical realignment of
    MASTERY is started within the circular borders of STONEHENGE.

    Magical and mystical STONEHENGE was an instrument of
    enlightenment for the Druids, much as the GREAT PYRAMID was
    for the Egyptians. It was within these circular borders that they could
    attune themselves to the WONDERS OF SPIRIT. It was within these
    circular borders that they could observe the sun and moon and,
    thereby, understand the universal mind.  Their ritualistic practices
    were performed during the powerful times of the year of the greatest
    imbalance. The times which they knew as the uneven times. These
    uneven times were known to alter consciousness. These were times
    when powerful spiritual PORTALS open that allow the participant to
    harness these powerful forces for their own DIVINE GOOD.

    The Druids chose the following times for their spiritual ceremonies:
    Mid-summer's day (a day of lunar imbalance) Mid-winter's day (a day
    of solar imbalance) Beltane (the beginning of Summer) Samhain (the
    beginning of Winter) The above times were also known as "in-
    between" times, the times when you can harness the spirit energy and
    play within the realm of spirit. By observing the astronomical
    phenomena and placing this site in such a way that this astronomical
    phenomena was observed within these three circles, they have further
    harnessed the magic portal which can open for all of mankind. The
    researchers of places like the GREAT PYRAMID and
    STONEHENGE have concentrated their efforts on these
    astronomical phenomena, rather than the underlying spiritual
    significance which this phenomena contains. With the underlying
    understanding which I was given during my expanded awareness
    experience, it becomes easy to pierce the VEIL OF MYSTERY which
    has surrounded these GREAT STRUCTURES of a bygone time.

    These structures can both be used to predict the lunar cycles, eclipses
    and other astronomical data because they mirror the inner spirituality
    and truth of mankind and our earthly home. The microcosm within the
    macrocosm. We are the world in which we live, its cycles are our
    cycles and its health is our health. Observing the present day world
    around us, we can understand why modern man has not erected any
    great tribute to his spirituality. We have become merely masters of
    monetary concerns and accumulators of possessions. We have
    overlooked our rich spiritual past and forgotten our caretaker status
    for our planet and the coming generations.

    From out of the earth of the outer circle of STONEHENGE to the
    progressively rising inner circles, we have a powerful structure which
    was used by a bygone people to explore their spirituality. A place
    where their COSMIC BIRTH could be activated and they could
    forever drink from the DIVINE TRUTHS.

    From out of the earth each one of us must personally rise above our
    earthly limitations and start the DIVINE SPIRAL towards our rising
    spirituality. We are spiritual beings who live within the circular
    borders of our earth home. We look at the eyes of all we meet and
    those eyes say.....See, this is the TRUTH of life on
    residing within the circular borders of ALL THAT IS.....activating and
    finding the circular truth of the SECRET PLACE within
    himself/herself. The three circles of a COSMIC BIRTH into the
    DIVINE TRUTH of who we are and where we came from. The
    TRUTH of the ages which has been a silent repository up to this time.
    We have many mysteries to explore within ourselves because our
    bodies were DIVINELY CREATED and represent the TRUTH of life
    on this planet earth.

    STONEHENGE was a powerful site of initiation and one of the
    spiritual portals which existed for the inhabitants of that wondrous
    time. It's power is still felt, but the decaying circular borders have
    been destroyed by time and unless you can attune yourself to the
    TRUTH of its borders in the spirit realm, it would be difficult to gain
    that which has been gained in the past by physically being at the
    STONEHENGE site.  I was taken through the Akashic Halls and
    shown a ritualistic ceremony in which I personally participated.  I was
    accompanied through this ritual by the SERAPHIM, who directed my
    entire experience for the purposes of this article. The TRUTH of this
    ceremonial ritual lives within the halls of the AKASHIC RECORDS
    and can be accessed by anyone who wishes to check on the facts of
    this ceremony and its underlying SPIRITUAL TRUTH.

    As I become aware of myself within the mists which surround me,
    I have the memory of being told that I was ready to enter the
    sacred place between the two worlds.

    I am wearing a white robe and walking within a processional line
    of 12 similarly robed men.  It is dark and the pathway which we
    are walking has been lined by torches.  We are chanting together.

    "I am a child of fire."

    We continuously chant.

    "I am a child of fire"

    As we walk towards some unknown destiny.  I am aware that I
    have a pouch hanging around my neck and on the outside of this
    pouch is a symbol.  The symbol is as I will draw below:      


    I am also aware that I have something in my left hand.  I uncurl
    my fingers and see a BLUE STONE within the palm of my hand.
    The chant now changes to.

    "We are on our way to earn the sacred sky-blue spirit."

    This chant now continues for quite some time as we continue to
    walk.  Suddenly in front of us is a circular structure and around
    the periphery of this structure are many white-robed men. They
    are chanting also.

    "In the face of the sun, the eye of truth."

    I close my eyes for a moment and listen to the power behind their
    chant, all the time we who are walking forward are still chanting.

    "We are on our way to earn the sacred sky-blue spirit."

    As my eyes are closed, I see symbols floating before my eyes and
    I will draw these for you here:

    The chant now changes to.

    "I am he who wishes to kindle fire in my head and heart."

    As the twelve of us move up to the entry into this circular
    structure chanting,  I feel a powerful tingling sensation. I
    remember that I have spent a long time in preparation for this
    moment and I feel a GRAND ANTICIPATION. The tingling
    sensation seems to continue and become stronger. The twelve of
    us have halted now and are silent. All is silent.  I hear a voice
    within my head.

    "You are about to embark on a voyage of spiritual discovery. You
    will glimpse the GLORY for yourself."

    A white-robed figure is now standing at the entrance into the
    circular structure.  He raises his hands and asks.

    "Do you twelve wish me to build your "house of knowledge."

    We simultaneously answer yes.  He continues.

    "The foundation stones within this structure are here for the
    base of the structure you will build for yourself.  Through these
    portals are the TRUTH of existence and the TRUTH of your
    very spiritual nature.  You who gather here today are "children
    of fire" on your way to earn the sacred sky-blue of your
    SPIRITUAL NATURE.  Your fellow Druids are here to help you
    access the POWER within this structure.  We are here to aide
    your eye to see the TRUTH within this structure and its
    SACRED DESIGN.  As you enter through these two stone
    pillars, you must remember the world around you and how you
    can convert this to the TRUTH OF ALL LIFE.  You have come
    to a point of spiritual decision through which you must sacrifice
    your earthly nature to the SKY-BLUE SPIRIT which awaits its
    powerful fire connection.  You have within your pouches all that
    you need to earn your victory over matter.  You will exit through
    these same two stone pillars victorious in the spirit."

    The white-robed figure moves aside and we enter within the
    circle one-by-one.  We stand on the outside of the larger stone
    circle.  Over the top of these circular stones, I can see a larger
    set of stones which resides on the inside of this circle.  Directly
    ahead a white-robed figure comes forward and grabs each one of
    us by the hand, ushering each one of us forward.   am standing
    about midway within this processional line and I can feel the
    power which emanates from the hand of the person holding my
    hand.  A single twosome moves forward to the outer stone circle,
    but only the one who is seeking initiation is allowed to enter.  As
    the first one enters, he kneels at the center of the inner circle,
    where there is an altar of sorts.  On this altar, there is the wand,
    disc, sickle and chalice which represent the four elements.....wind,
    earth, fire, and water.

    After many minutes, he emerges with a look of GLORY on his
    face and I am sure I see a GOLDEN GLOW which surrounds
    him.  This continues until it is my turn.  As I move toward the
    stone circle, I hear a voice in my head again.

    "You enter the threshold between the worlds.....this is the time
    which is not a time......this is a place which is not a place and......
    this is a day which is not a day.  Enter this SACRED DESIGN
    and know your ONENESS."

    I walk between the stone pillars and enter the center of the inner
    stone configuration, where there is an altar.  I kneel at this altar
    and state.

    "I am a child of fire and I am here to earn the sacred sky-blue."

    There on the altar are the four symbols of mastery.....the wand,
    disc, sickle and chalice.  My eyes are closed, yet I see them
    magically come to life and become energized.   I can feel a
    corresponding energy which is springing to life within the pouch
    around my neck.  I feel a spiraling energy which is almost making
    me dizzy.  Everything turns black and then all of a sudden a
    GOLDEN LIGHT is seen in the distance. I want this GOLDEN
    LIGHT more than I have ever wanted anything in my life.  I want
    to feel it surround me because it is filled with LOVE and I can
    feel this love being beamed from its center source.  It beckons me
    to come forward and as I approach, I know that I will lose that
    human me who entered into this circular stone structure.  I want
    to continue and as I do, I find myself spiraling up and out until I
    no longer have a body.  I venture out into other worlds.

    As I want to give you the TRUTH as I saw it during this
    ceremony, a GOLDEN ANGEL comes forward and motions for
    me to stop at this point.  I am told that this journey is personal for
    each one of us and, as such, it is a SACRED TRUST which cannot
    be violated.  Oh, how I want to tell you the worlds that I saw and
    the wonder of the TRUTH.

    I emerge from the stone structure and the white-robed figure
    who spoke to us before we entered this structure greeted me.

    "You have earned the SACRED SKY-BLUE and you now have
    NEW EYES. Welcome, my brother, to the world of TRUTH as
    you have been privileged to see it, for you have seen the FIRE
    OF GOD."

    This is all I was allowed to obtain from the AKASHIC
    RECORDS. This was a powerful experience for me and I retain
    all that I saw within the ceremony.  Personally, I feel as if I
    retrieved a past-life experience and it vibrates within me as I
    write the ending to this article.  The power within
    STONEHENGE is the SACRED SYMBOL which it represents.
    The portal which is needed to reconnect your spiritual self is
    available to you no matter where you reside because it is the
    symbol itself which is the power.  You carry this symbol with you
    at all times, for this symbol is in residence within your eyes.

    We carry our MASTERY with us every single day that we walk
    on the earth and we broadcast our SPIRITUAL ESSENCE to all
    we meet.

    Perhaps, you who read this article can now see why many of the
    crop circle designs have been near to this STONEHENGE
    structure.  The crop circle designs are toying with our
    consciousness to see beyond our everyday world and to change
    our point of reference from MATTER to SPIRIT, much as the
    very structure of STONEHENGE was designed to do.  

    You can make your own trip to STONEHENGE by using the
    pictorial representations in this article. You can wander around
    this structure and bring back all that was intended by its physical
    presence. As you leave this voyage of discovery, you will have
    the new eyes of spirit.

    "The true voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new
    landscapes, but in having new eyes."

    These new spirit eyes are the ones which allow us to penetrate
    beyond our previous understanding and to see things differently. I
    hope that I have allowed you, the reader of this article, to see
    things much differently and I hope I have encouraged you to seek