The Divine Eye

    As the mists of change begin to fill this land of hidden truths, a
    new way to look at life must be developed in order to allow the

    No matter what your religious affiliation, no matter where you
    reside, no matter what the circumstances in your life, a new day
    is bubbling up and trying to claim the miasma which has kept us
    veiled and anesthetized from our truth and power.  

    The simple mantra of awakening each day and affirming:

           Oh God, I refuse to remain asleep,
           Show me your truth,
           Let me see the wonder of a new day,
    Through eyes that penetrate beyond the obvious,
           Let me glimpse the wonder of the deep,
           Help me to create a day of change!

    Each morning the sun rises again, and shouts to the world,
    this is a new day with new opportunities and new wonder.  
    We wander through our day in exactly the same way and
    doing the same things, without ever taking advantage of a
    SPIRIT DAY of changing ourselves and the world.

    Do you walk or drive the same route every day
    …..Take a new route.   

    Do you awaken at the same time each day
    ……Get up earlier.   

    Do you eat, dress, and do a hundred things each
    day in precisely the same manner
    ……. Take a day and do it differently.  

    We have tended to lull ourselves in the safety of sameness,
    thereby reinforcing the anesthetic and fog-like quality to our

    Once you have affirmed that you wish to awaken, and once
    you have taken yourself out of your comfort zone, you are a
    pliable piece of spirit in which GOD can perform miracles.  
    Your breath becomes creative, your eyes can start to see
    things in a different manner, and truth will start to pop out
    from the most unexpected places and things.  

    After my expanded awareness experience that is the first
    thing that happened, I started seeing things differently.  It
    was kind of looking at things through what I call  "fuzzy eyes"
    or “lazy eyes.”  If you are looking at a person and you let your
    eyes kind of go lazy, you will start to see that person’s aura.  
    If you look at a tree and you let your eyes go lazy, you will see
    the energy field around a tree.  If you truly look at a rock,
    you can see patterns and forms within the rock itself.  

    I play this game with my grandchildren all the time.  We will be
    sitting beside a lake and the entire day, these precious little
    vixens are continually coming to me with a rock and saying,
    “Look grandma, this rock has an eagle.”   “Look grandma, this
    rock has a bear.”  They are on their way to seeing life just a little
    differently than most.  They have started to penetrate to a higher
    knowledge through the simplest of things.

    The truth of the matter is that SPIRIT is simple once you
    extract the difficult and throw it away.   I cannot look at a
    mountain without seeing the faces and the energy which resides
    therein.  As I look out from my log home over a beautiful pristine
    lake to the mountains beyond, I see faces on the mountain of a
    MONK and JESUS, and they speak to me of how there is an
    order inside the mountain which is changing the energy pattern in
    this area.  They tell me of the future and how this will all change
    for the better.  They often implore me to get the truth out to the

    In 1980, I was reeling from losing my stepdaughter to cancer
    and the resultant loss of my marriage.  The pain was fierce and it
    was overwhelming.  I had opened a health food store in my town,
    and I was only happy when I was helping people.   Yet, I could not
    shake the power of the pain.  So, I decided I was going to get
    myself out of my comfort zone.  I sold everything and moved to
    Mount Shasta for a year.  I knew nobody and I was completely
    outside of my element and conditioned safety zone.   I would take
    long walks in the woods and spend hours looking at the beauty of
    the mountain.  

    Then one day as I was walking in the woods, I said outloud:

    “Okay, I’m ready to change.  I’m ready to come
    into my power.  I trust only in spirit.”  

    A sense of peace came over me and as I walked I heard sounds
    I had never heard.  There was a moaning coming from the
    ground.  At first I was scared.  

    Then, I started seeing the fiery salamanders in the space
    around me.  The fiery salamanders are the expectant substance
    which surrounds every one of us every single day on this planet.  
    They wait patiently for us to see them and they are ready to
    carry our thoughts, dreams, and spoken words to the center of
    the planet and ultimately to the heart center of GOD, the fiery
    core where all truth is known and acted upon with LOVE.  

    After the experience of that day, the next year was a magic
    cacophony of voices and spirits appearing in the most wondrous
    ways.  I had an initiation of FIRE on the mountain and spoke with
    the spirit dwellers inside the mountain.  I was shown the inner crystal
    core and the monks who inhabit this special area of spiritual power.  

    The fiery salamanders have never left me, and they continue to
    swirl and swarm anytime I allow my “divine eye” to perceive that
    which is everlasting, as opposed to that which is fleeting.  Truth is
    all around you on a daily basis.  

    By affirming that you are ready to awaken from your miasmic
    sleep, the blue circle of spirit will start to descend.  At the point
    where the two circles intersect, you can see the “divine eye”

    As you read the above, remember what I have
    been writing about in all my articles.
    Remember the three circles of MAN
    on this planet, remember the duality
    (miasma) which keeps us outside of our
    power, remember the “as above so below,”
    remember the androgyny of spirit, and
    finally remember that your body contains
    all the truth forever and ever.   

    There is nothing outside of your body that is
    not inside of it.  Truth resides there and your
    “divine eye” awaits its opening.  

Your divine eye is awaiting you.  Your divine eye will let
you penetrate to all the secrets that you have been
dreaming of knowing.  It will allow you to see through the
game of this world and its hidden truths.  It will allow you
to finally get on with “your mission.”   

In the movie Matrix, you can see the similarity to not
knowing the truth.  It really is a metaphor to all that I
have spoken of here.  We never really know the
TRUTH until we unhook ourselves from the matrix of

We need change in this world for we are on the precipice
of danger or power.  It all lies in our spirit hands, for
change manifest in and by spirit is everlasting.

In the Gospel of Thomas (the lost gospels), I want
you to see truth from the sayings of Jesus.

    “Jesus said, “Those who seek should not
    stop seeking until they find.  When they
    find, they will be disturbed.  When they
    are disturbed, they will marvel, and will
    rule over all.”

    “Jesus said, “I have cast fire upon the
    world, and look, I’m guarding it until it

    “Jesus said, “When you know yourselves,
    then you will be known, and you will
    understand that you are children of the
    living father.  But if you do not know
    yourselves, then you live in poverty, and
    you are the poverty.”  

    “Jesus said, “When you make the two
    into one, and when you make the inner
    like the outer and the outer like the inner,
    and the upper like the lower, and when you
    make male and female into a single one, so
    that the male will not be male nor the
    female be female, when you make eyes in
    place of an eye, a hand in place of a hand,
    a foot in place of a foot, an image in place
    of an image, then you will enter the
    Father’s domain.”