The first gateway is the beginning of life and the
place where humanity gets stuck.  This is the
survival area where we are the prisoner of our
passions, needs, wants, and restrictions.

As the keeper of this gateway, Sandalphon is
the angel of prayer.  It is Sandalphon who is
said to differentiate the sex of the embryo.  His
is the gift of song, and it is this frequency
which keeps us manifest on this plane.

If you have a health crisis which deals with this
area of the body, you are really having a
spiritual crisis time in your life.  It is time to
tone down the passions, needs, and wants of a
material world and exchange them for the
everlasting gifts of the spirit.
Once this gateway is open, the spirit can come
more fully into the body.  

Prior to this time, there is a noncommittal
stance within the body.  Do I embrace spirit or
the world of matter?  By activating the first
gateway, the spirit recognizes your commitment
to doing your INTERNAL CITY OF LIGHT work
and it starts to embrace the body expectantly.

You will be giving yourself the gift of your divine
nature which has nothing to do with this world
at all.  You are a star bound to a body, you were
meant to fly and retrieve your GOLDEN KEY.