Gateway number ten is the NEUTRALIZER.

This is one of the most powerful gateways prior to
the electrical arc of reconnection.  This is where
you are tried in the furnace of your prior
dedication.  This is where the heart is made aware
of the possible reconnecrtion.  This is where the
vibratory rate is a necessity.

It takes many years to prepare the body and spirit
for this point of movement.  Thus, the vibration
needs to be just so, and this is when GABRIEL
sounds his trumpet.  His tone signals the readiness
of the soul to receive the ARC OF THE COVENANT
within the heart in the next gateway.  Your
preparation to this point and your lack of judgment
is essential in this neutralizing gateway.

You need to develop new eyes to look at the world.  
The sun and moon will now carry more importance
for you.  The world is now your informer.  Nature will
start speaking to you in ways it never has before.  
The harmony and symbiosis of life will start
vibrating within your being.

You are becoming the GOLDEN LIGHT of a NEW
DAY.  This journey will be shorter than some of the
others, but it is imperative that the vibratory rate be
kept steady.


Gabriel is the archangel of the tenth gateway.  

TONAL VIBRATION.  His is the resurrection flame
which has kept you on your path.  

His trumpet is ready to sound for you.  He not only
carries his horn, but he also carries lilies as a
symbol of your neutralized purity and readiness to

CONGRATULATIONS - For what is coming is
miraculous and a gift that will last unto eternity.