The third gateway is at a pivotal point and one
which is about achieving balance.  We have the
earth symbol looking to the air for an
understanding.  Here is where the search
begins in earnest.

It is here that the spirit must take the gift of
life and all that has been ingested to this point,
and turn it into a walk away from the hungers
of materialism.  

Many crises seem to affect people who are
stuck in the third gateway.  They seem to be at
the mercy of the people and circumstances in
their life.  This is a time when the words which
come from your mouth need to be postively
driven and they should be words of power.  
TRANSFORMATION here is the primary drive.

Israfel is the archangel who guards this
gateway.  He is known as the burning one.  It
is said that it is he who will stand on the holy
rock in Jerusalem.

Music is his vibration and it can become a
powerful tool for transformation.