Gateway number four is the gateway where the
lower energies are transformed into JOY.  This is
the gateway where you are moving away from
distractions and putting your foot firmly on the path
to enlightenment.  Yet, you must still keep all the
energies at bay from the first three gateways.  It is
a time of distillation of things of importance in the
life.  It is a crisis of epic proportion in the life
because of its need to sustain, nurture, and hold
the energy of NEUTRALITY in the body for the
gateways to come.

Since four is a manifest number (visually a square),
you are creating a new scenario and a new reality
for yourself.  This is a painful gateway and many
tears will be spilled over the course of five years
from the start.  Its energy is unforgiving and
intense.  It makes you continually reaffirm what you
believe, and DOUBT is the enemy of this gateway.

Keep positive and forge ahead.


Zadkiel is the archangel of gateway number four.  
He is the bringer of the purification ray.

This is the cleansing of the lower body.

He is the angel of freedom and prayer.  He is said to
carry the the righteousness of GOD.