Gatway number five is the first MASTERY OF THE
BODY.  It is here where the HUNGER FOR GOD
becomes the primary instinct.  It is here where the
lower body is finally becoming cleansed and brought
into harmony and neutrality.

This is where you wear your cross as a symbol of
courage and accomplishment.

It is here that you recognize your special placement
within the spiritual realm; the place where YOUR
GIFTS from spirit start to materialize in your
everyday world.


Chamuel is the archangel of the fifth gateway.  He is
the angel of adoration and he who seeks GOD.  It is
he who picks up his cross and fills you with feelings
of self-love and adoration.  He is the one to call on
when you feel those pricklings of loneliness and
isolation.  He will bring you the TONIC FOR YOUR
SOUL which you so need in this gateway.

He is dependable and always available to you.  He
worships you in a way that you cannot worship