Gateway number seven is where your creative
essence for change becomes present in both the
inner and outer worlds.  This is where you finally
have your moment of peace before the next
great climb up JACOB'S LADDER (your spine).

This is a restful pasture in which to survey the
long hard climb thus far.  You are now the driver
of your vehicle and there is a responsibility with
this gateway.  You may have been seeking a
teacher before this, but now your belief system
is becoming solidified and palpable.

You know those who are no longer useful to your
soul search and you recognize those who hold
something for you.  You have developed
discernment of the people and circumstances in
your life.

You will have a climb ahead, but you are
preparing yourself for that climb and you
welcome it.  You anticipate a great day is ahead
and, indeed, it is.


Jophiel is the archangel of the seventh
gateway.  He is the angel of paradise.  His is the
power of creation.  He coordinates a team of
angels to help you.

He still carries a sword because the battle is still
being solidified within you.  He can come to you
in beautiful dreams with offerings of what is to
come.  He brings you symbols of understanding
which you must learn to interpret.  He offers you
the green pastures which you have sought for so

The lion and the lamb come together in this
gateway for there is HARMONY OF ACTIONS AND
PURPOSE in this gateway.  

Yet, it is easy for the energy to get stuck here
and diligence is needed to see through this game
and keep moving that energy.