Gateway number eight is where the spiral begins
which will allow you brief glimpses of the other
side.  The SPIRIT EYE and knowing are being
developed here.  You are completely cleansing
your body of all lower exergies.  You are washing
the inside and outside of the body.

There are coincidences which happen here which
are beyond belief.  People are brought into your
life which will become a gift beyond compare.  

Your hunger is being sated by your own
experiences and the gifts of those who come into
your life.  You are expanding your life with
SPIRITUAL TRUTH and your feet are firmly on the


Shushienae/Ramaela is the guardian of gateway
number eight.  She is known by both names and
she is known as the ANGEL OF PURITY.  Hers is
the gentle gift of love.  

She purifies the body, mind, and spirit.  When she
is done, she accelerates your vibratory rate so
that you can bring in more and more truth.

You will not have as many doubts as you used to
have.  Her GIFT OF LOVE is a tangible and real
asset for you on your climb upwards.