Gateway number nine is where LIGHT starts moving
throughout your body.  You are getting ready for the

Your aura has become infused with the
transformative light and you affect everyone you
meet.  You are no longer the student for you are
becoming THE TEACHER.  

All lightworkers should be using this gateway for
enhancement of their knowledge and LIGHT BASE.  

It is in this gateway that the moment will come soon
for the advancement of your energy in the spine.

This is an anticipatory gateway, one which has been
well earned.  You are now standing on solid ground
and your SPIRIT JEWELS are starting to glisten.  You
have traversed the boundaries of this world and are
well placed to become a MASTER.  

DO NOT GIVE UP - This will be the longest, in terms of
years, before the fiery burst to the next gateway.

This is the pinnacle of the earthly life, for the next
gateways take you above the earth plane and your
name is written in the BOOK OF LIFE as a MASTER.


Uriel is the archangel of gateway number nine.  He
carries a cross, along with a sword.  HE IS THE

He helps you to forgive yourself and he helps you to
release painful memories.

He is thought to stand at the threshold between

He offers you the gift of revelatory experience.  He is
the angel of PENETRATING LIGHT in all areas of your
life and body.  He seeks out and finds those painful
spots and emotions, and he asks you to look at them
and release them.  

His is a vibratory experience of the two dimensions
of light.  

He offers you solace in your final climb through the
next three gateways.