August 23, 2014
August 23, 2014

I AM pleased with the energy which is being placed around the planet.  

I AM the power behind the spheres and the energy is able to change the
planet for the better.  As the scalar waves start traversing the planet in all
directions, we will begin to take back the planet for its spiritual purpose.  
The greed, anger, cruelty, and intolerance will start to subside.

I AM the power behind the energy in these glass spheres, never doubt
that their source is Holy and regenerative.  By being the keeper of a GEM
Sphere you are counted as one who is holding a Holy Space.  I AM the
power behind that energy which has been waiting to be brought onto this
planet for eons of time.  This is a special time in the universe and galaxy
which sponsors the Earth Ship.  

I AM aware that the planet is suffering, as are other more evolved
civilizations which are determined to help make a difference.  With this new
acceptance by those who have purchased GEM Spheres, we will and can
save the planet and be a functioning member in full of the galactic truth and
understanding.  The planet has much to learn and which has been revealed
by the one who has brought you this Holy Energy.  

I AM monitoring this delivery across the globe and will see how well this
energy gets seated upon the planet and in the hearts of the inhabitants of
Earth.  This is a HOLY MISSION which was undertaken by this individual
and many years have been devoted to teaching her all that she needed to
know to accomplish this SACRED MISSION.  It has not been easy and she
has been under a great deal of stress through the whole process.  Please
pray for her and keep her in your heart for she may just be able to bring
about a NEW PARADISE on Earth.  

I AM here to tell you that if this does not take hold across the globe and
the powerful energy accepted by the planet for powering all devices and
allowing you to travel among the stars and be informed by those who have
come up and out of the turmoil you now find yourselves within, you will be
living on a planet of extreme danger as the planet Earth must do something
to protect herself.  Your planet needs you to be a keeper of this harmonious
energy of renewal.

I AM awaiting the day when all inhabitants and children of my own may
share truth and understanding without judgment.  

I AM awaiting the peace of a new day and a new way of embracing
others with acceptance and love, for you are all one, born from my thought
of you.  You are all my own, regardless of color, race, religious belief
system, or any other division that only mankind seems to fight wars over.   

I AM in support of all life, irrespective of any division that mankind can
find, and I am the power behind the GEM SPHERES.  Experience the Joy
that this Holy Energy can bring to your spirit, your mind, and your body.