These are the experiences which started
    my path to truth and those which have
    graced my life over the last 16 years.  

    I have spent the greatest part of my life in
    medicine and surrounded by anatomical
    wonders, yet it took my experience in
    December of 1994 to truly show me the
    magnificent wonder of what our physical
    bodies mean spiritually and cosmically.  


    To introduce myself, I moved to Montana in October of 1993 and
    in December of 1994 I had an experience which completely altered all of my
    previously held metaphysical concepts about life. I have
    authored several reference books for medical transcription and a
    computer teaching program for medical transcription.

    As the former owner of a medical transcription company and a medical
    transcription school, my scientific background helped me to ask the
    questions which we have wanted answered for so long, and it is this
    scientific background which has made my understanding of the human
    body an important part of this
    spiritual work.

    My personal walk had been experienced through metaphysical eyes from
    three years of age, when a personal health crisis led my mother to a
    nontraditional healer. This healer was the magnificent being whom I lovingly
    called my guru.  She patiently healed my body and lovingly encouraged my
    spiritual curiosity.  Her teachings and the metaphysical books she
    encouraged me to read were the substance on which I cut my spiritual
    teeth, so to speak.

    Under the tutelage of this wonderful soul, I was privileged to meet the UFO
    experts, such as, George Van Tassel, George Adamski, and George
    Williamson, as well as many other guests who were introduced through
    meetings which were held in her home. My experiences with
    extraterrestrials go back to the age of five, when
    I used to go outside in her yard and play with the angel hair which would be
    found on all the bushes around her house. This magical angel hair (as we
    called it) would appear after she was visited by extraterrestrials and would
    disappear the moment it was touched
    by human hands. As you can see, this was not your normal

    I was probably placed within this atmosphere because I came into this world
    with a hunger in my heart to EXPERIENCE GOD ~.ALL THAT IS.  By nine
    years of age, I was intent on understanding all religions and their basic
    teachings. I made it my quest each Sunday morning to walk to just about
    every church within our little community by myself. I would sit through
    Sunday school and the church services entirely by myself and try to
    understand with a nine year old mind what was being taught.  By the time I
    had attended many different churches, including Catholic, Baptist,
    Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and even the Jewish synagogue, I had
    come to a personal philosophy which seemed to serve me through all the
    ups and downs which have blessed and shaken my personal world until this
    present time.


    These were the first three experiences which I was privileged to be given
    and I would like to encourage you to read the experience with THE CHRIST
    which is also within this website.

    My modus operandi has always been to cut through the clutter and
    eliminate all that is not necessary.   I would like to summarize the heart of
    the spiritual truth below and how you can gain access to THE MIND OF

    1.  Find the ISNESS, move away from any judgment whatsoever. This
    acts to cleanse the aura and once you have eliminated the judgments
    from your aura, you walk into a powerful attitude of NEUTRALITY. Just
    like I declined the judgment that I HAD A DARK SIDE, because I
    instinctively knew that I had walked away from that and was now
    vibrating to a state of NEUTRALITY or ISNESS.

    2.  Once this NEUTRAL ATTITUDE has been fully magnetized in your
    body, you move into a STATE OF JOY. Once you gain the STATE OF
    JOY, you are the catalyst which will take you further. You must ask the
    CREATOR ~ ALL THAT IS to reconnect you back to ALL THAT YOU

    3.  The mechanism is such that the energy in the base of the spine then
    starts to rise (white energy to the area of the solar plexus) to the
    decisional point which is the solar plexus area. This is the point at
    which you must ask to be reconnected back to ALL THAT YOU ARE.  
    You then will allow this white energy to be converted to golden energy
    which rises quickly to the area of the heart, where it arcs over and
    reconnects the mechanism in the heart, at which point you soar to a
    reunion with the CREATOR.

    The above is the essence of every spiritual truth you can find in the world.  
    It is the truth of Buddhism, it is the truth of the bible, it is the truth of the
    early Egyptians, it is the truth of Stonehenge and much, much more. We
    have become lost in the words within every conveyed truth and, thus, we
    have warring religions which don't see eye to eye with each other. No
    matter what language you put it in, no matter what words you use, the
    is as stated simply above.

    You can meditate, you can use crystals, you can use magic, mantras or any
    other thing, but the simple truth of gaining access to GOD is through
    moving into ISNESS/NEUTRALITY and then allowing the electrical energy in
    the spine to move upwards to the heart, reconnecting you back to your
    TRUTH.  You then walk on this earth carrying on a TWO-WAY
    CONVERSATION with GOD. No longer is prayer the only alternative, where
    you only are doing the talking, you now can HEAR GOD'S ANSWER.

    The center of the circle where GOD RESIDES is omnipotent and
    expansive. Everything else (channeled Pleiadeans, channeled
    words of Ramtha, channeled Arcturians, channeled Michael, and
    myriad other channels) is placed somewhere outside of the

    If you want the answers you receive to be from the CREATOR,
    instead of a fractionated part of GOD, then you must make the
    effort to meet THE CREATOR in the center of the circle of truth.
    You now have the TRUTH of how to do that.  

    To better explain what I mean here, GOD IS EVERYTHING.  If you
    are (or anything or anyone else) is functioning outside of that GOD
    IS EVERYTHING REALM, then you are divided or broken away from
    GOD.  The only TRUE VOICE is GOD'S VOICE which you have
    inside of you, after the connection in the heart has been made.  

    GOD knows you intimately and, as such, knows the words to speak
    to YOU at exactly the right time.  Listen only to the words of GOD
    who embraces and loves you through each of your heartbeats.  


    This is an important part of this work because it is our sexuality which
    keeps us trapped in our own bodies. Prior to the seven day period of my
    experience, I had many judgments about homosexual love and sexuality.
    Well, because judgment cannot be contained within a BODY OF LIGHT, I
    was given a vision of the homosexual movement and what its TRUTH is
    working to accomplish. I would like to share this with you because it is of
    prime importance and because my prior shameful judgments haunt me to
    this very day.

    In my vision, I was taken to a place of great beauty, a pristine arena of white
    columns which resembled the Roman amphitheaters. Within this arena,
    there was a magnificent gathering of many thousands of glowing souls who
    were intently focused on a BEING OF GREAT LIGHT in the center of this
    pearlescent stadium. Around the periphery of the arena, I was aware of a
    silent GOLDEN ARMY of brilliant winged beings.

    The luminous being who was addressing this gathering of souls was
    sending out a golden energy which was web-like and which was moving out
    and around each soul that was within this arena. This GOLDEN ENERGY
    WEB was vibrating with a tremendous amount of love.

    At this point, I really didn't know the significance of this vision. I was
    intently focusing on every visual detail I could because I somehow knew
    that this was going to be an important event. As I was watching the
    GOLDEN WEBBING vibrate, I became fascinated with the colors and
    feelings which were surrounding this event. At this point, I began to hear
    what was being communicated to these gathered souls. They were being
    asked to mass incarnate to the planet earth in a group which would carry a
    tremendously responsible spiritual mission. This mission was to stand in
    the opposite polarity, as a group, on the planet earth as a homosexual
    movement. This spiritual mission was for the purpose of taking human
    beings one step further to their spiritual goal of androgyny by providing a
    basis for the greatest imbalance. The mission was being clearly proposed
    to this group of souls as a chance for them to be a part of the spiritual
    uplifting of planet earth.

    By placing themselves out of what has become known as the accepted
    norm, they would be living a life of sacrifice, much as did Jesus Christ.
    They would gain great spiritual rewards for their sacrifice and would suffer
    much while in embodiment. All of this was being conveyed to this
    AUDIENCE OF SOULS in an atmosphere of tremendous love and respect.  I
    was privileged to see these LIGHTED SOULS respond in the affirmative to
    the group migration and I wept at the sacrifice that they were making for
    the rest of humanity.

    When this gathering started to leave the amphitheater, a GOLDEN-WINGED
    BEING came forward and grabbed me by the hand. The other hand pointed
    in the distance and just like a television monitor, I saw vision after vision of
    these brave souls dying of AIDS. I cried and the GOLDEN-WINGED BEING
    showed me the cause of AIDS was the judgments of the opposite polarity
    against this SPIRITUAL GROUP OF SOULS who had dared to set
    themselves up opposite the heterosexual community. The energy of the
    stinging words would penetrate the aura and allow this virus of judgment to
    enter. The beautiful souls who had sacrificed themselves were not powerful
    enough to understand that it was also their own judgments which would not
    allow them to overcome this viral invader.

    My tears have continued since that time for the brave sacrifice which was
    made by a wondrously lighted group of souls. We would never hate each
    other again if we were allowed to see each other in the beauty of our SOUL


It was during my personal experience with the GOD MIND or DIVINE
INTELLIGENCE that I was exposed to the energy pattern of words. It was after
this experience that the true understanding and knowledge of the importance of
our chosen words was impressed upon me.

The three days following my spiritual dance with the planets and stars was a
time of immense absorption of all that had been experienced as well as the
continuing and on-going absorption which has brought new understanding. The
second night after the first experience, I was again taken to a place of learning,
much like a crystal cathedral. This place seemed very familiar to me, as if I had
been there before and, in fact, I had the feeling that I used to work there.

This crystal cathedral was alive with colors and harmonies which were
constantly enveloping, spiraling and circulating around each other. The
melodious currents rebounded off of all the surfaces and the prisms of light
were beaming around and off of two beings who were intently working in this
rainbow-like crystal cathedral, As these two beings became aware that I was
there they began to speak; however no sound came out of their mouths, only
symbols, The symbols were being thrust out of their mouths and were being
carried off in circular waves of pure energy.

I was suddenly taken higher within this dimension and saw the circular waves
and symbols suddenly within a place of neutrality. This was curious, but what
happened next has forever transformed my concept of language and how it
affects us. These symbols were resident within circular waves which seemed to
be searching for a corresponding energy pattern and, before my eyes, out of
the nothingness of space came an exact duplicate of the symbol and this
suddenly became the manifest image of the symbol.

    Please try to understand this concept because it is very important.
    The symbols would appear in the neutrality before me and they
    would magnetize the exact duplicate and when that would happen
    the object or thing would materialize. The power of the spoken
    word was being shown to me in a way in which I would never again
    doubt the inherent power of the word and subsequent

    Certain symbols were dancing in the space around me which were placed
    there for me to study.  As I watched the words and symbols being displayed
    I was made aware that words and symbols have intergalactic significance.
    This is the language which is used to communicate intergalactically and
    from spirit to spirit. This is the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT, a language of
    symbols.  These symbols are played through our bodies and the
    understanding then delivers a dialogue. This is what the crop circles have
    been trying to convey to an awakening world.

    The reason these symbols must be played through our bodies is that we
    have within us the TRUTH of the macrocosm.  

    Everything which must be understood about GOD and the
    UNIVERSE is contained within our bodies.


    During December of 1994, 1 had a brief respite from my authoring duties for
    a medical publisher. With this newfound free time, after over a year of
    authoring on this intense medical project, I started attending some of the
    gatherings of the like-minded spiritual friends within my local community.
    On one particular evening, there were about six of us gathered in my home
    for the purpose of toning. We were enjoying the food on the buffet table
    and the hot apple cider and were conversing in a very relaxed manner.
    Somehow, the conversation turned to something I had said and a mention
    was made about my dark side. I vehemently stated that I didn't have a dark
    side but, of course, I was told that everyone has a dark side.

    I can't even begin to adequately explain to you what was going on inside of
    me because of this remark. I almost felt ill inside because of this reference
    being made to my dark side and I felt like I had been dropped into a well of
    darkness. Somewhere deep inside of me, I KNEW that this was not true.
    The more I thought about this statement, the more I KNEW that this was not
    true. I have never felt anything so deeply and believe me when I tell you that
    this wasn't just denial. It was an ABSOLUTE KNOWING. A KNOWING
    beyond human comprehension. This KNOWING had a deep tone and it
    vibrated within every cell of my body.

    Three days before the winter solstice, I walked down to the river at the end
    of my property and sat there enjoying the beauty which surrounded me. I
    was watching the floating clouds and seeing the faces which would appear
    and then disappear. I was very aware of the sounds of the birds and the
    ducks floating by on the river. The sound of the river seemed to penetrate
    deeper within me than I had ever noticed before and it seemed to expand
    and contract. The beauty which filled my eyes and ears was uplifting and

    I felt moved to shout to the river ~I DON'T HAVE A DARK SIDE ~ THE

    Almost immediately upon speaking this aloud, the most profound sense of
    JOY encompassed me.  As I sat there drinking in the beauty of my
    surroundings and the JOY which was enveloping me, I had the strangest
    feeling that I was ALL OF THIS and it was merely responding to something
    within me.

    Following this episode by the river, I continued to feel increasing JOY on a
    daily basis. I was beginning to KNOW things in a way that I had never
    known before. This JOYFUL STATE increased over a period of three days.
    During these three days, I was aware of a tingling in my spine which went
    from the base of my spine all the way to the top of my head. This tingling
    seemed to be anticipatory, like a great surprise was about to be revealed
    and it was very pleasant. I also had a humming in my ears which seemed to
    expand and contract.

    On the fourth day of this JOYFUL STATE, the winter solstice, I went outside
    about 10:00 PM to observe the stars and to pray. I was silently praying and
    praising GOD, when I shouted out loud ~ THE FATHER AND I ARE ONE.  I
    had no sooner spoken this phrase when I was taken out of my body and I
    found myself floating in space. For a moment, I just looked around and then
    the JOY that I had been feeling expanded and was so overwhelming that I
    began turning somersaults in space. I could see my house below, but there
    was no attachment to the house or anything else at this point.

    I became increasingly aware of an orderly hum, much like an expanding and
    contracting, but set to a music which was unlike anything I had ever heard
    before.  It was like it was being played through my body and with each
    expansion note, I was being expanded beyond myself. The more I was
    expanded the more I was able to encompass in my sight. I could see the
    planets in their orderly placement around the earth and if I consciously
    thought on one of the planets, I was instantaneously taken to that planet.  I
    could circle the planet, but I didn't feel compelled to land on any of these
    planets. It was the order of these planets and their shapes that I was being
    compelled to observe.

    I was giddy with the feeling of freedom that I was experiencing.  The colors
    displayed throughout this orderly circular universe were electric, pulsatile
    and had a depth which we cannot perceive with our human eyes.  

    I spent some time traveling to each planet that I thought upon.
    From this expanded perspective, I thought to myself, I wonder what
    that music is I'm hearing?

    The answer was immediate and the KNOWING was totally within
    myself. The KNOWING ANSWER contained a depth of
    understanding beyond anything that words could convey.

    The answer was KNOWN that the music was the music of the
    spheres in harmony with each other.

    After the harmony of the spheres was placed within my KNOWING, I was
    given access to the MIND OF GOD ~ ALL THAT IS.  I knew that this was
    where I was placed because the molecules of my body had expanded to the
    point that I WAS EVERYTHING.  I asked as many questions as I could and
    as fast as I could because I didn't want to leave this wonderful place and

    The answers were given and placed within my KNOWING in an
    expanded way which is difficult to explain, but it was as if the
    instrument which recorded the color, energy pattern and tone of
    the answer.

    I suddenly became aware that I was surrounded by twelve robed figures
    whose presence produced an immense JOY. They chanted something
    which had no meaning to me and then joined hands. One from the twelve
    came forward and made a sweeping motion over my forehead. I immediately
    saw light flowing from my forehead in the space around me. This light
    flowed from my forehead in a manner which reminded me of a miner's
    headlamp because any direction in which I looked, the light was directed
    there also. The figure in front of me then brought a hand towards my
    forehead and placed a symbol there. I just seemed to know that it was a
    symbol without being told and when I thought to myself, I wonder what the
    symbol is, it immediately appeared in the space around me.
Since this symbol was strange looking and really meant nothing to me, I asked
what it meant. Without a word being spoken, the meaning of the symbol was
placed within my KNOWING in a manner which involved responsibility. This was
a feeling that was something like an earth-shaking responsibility. The minute I
saw the symbol and the meaning was placed within my KNOWING, the
responsibility for this understanding was placed upon my heart.

The twelve figures started to float away and they were chanting as they
disappeared. I suddenly felt very alone and immediately upon that thought, I
was flooded with a circular wave of extreme JOY.

As this point, I just seemed to KNOW that whatever I asked of the universe I
would have an immediate answer. I seemed to KNOW many things without even
asking and after much exploration into what was previously UNKNOWN, I
opened my eyes and found myself sitting where I had been before and feeling
somewhat disoriented. My body was tingling and I felt more alive than I ever
have before. I had the feeling that I was melting into whatever I looked at and
the symbiosis of life was evident no matter where I looked. I felt fluid, energized
and expanded.

The three days following the winter solstice are beyond description, I read every
book I could get my hands on and I suddenly had an understanding which I
didn't have before. Words started to have new meanings and I was starting to
get symbols which went with the words. I understood the works of other
authors and channels with more clarity and everything which I came back
KNOWING was contained in each of these books.......I had just never seen it so
clearly or understood it so correctly before.

A book on crop circles came into my possession and as I looked at the symbols
displayed there, I KNEW what they meant, This was incredible because I didn't
really know how I knew, I JUST KNEW, I was fluid and alive within the MIND OF
GOD ~ ALL THAT IS, I felt as if my body were becoming lighter and lighter,
seemingly as if reconstructed of some other material which would better suit
me.  I continued to put questions to the SOURCE and the answers were
amazingly simple and explicit. The concept of universal brotherhood was
understood beyond words, The UNIVERSAL GRAND DESIGN is ever present in
my KNOWING and the trivial and mundane don't impress me or have power over
me anymore.