A Powerful Meditation of Healing and Transformation

    The seventh chapter of my book THE UNDERSTANDING HEART is about the
    symbology of the understanding heart. I would like to include some of that here
    because it contains a powerful meditation for healing and transformation.


    Our beautiful tapestry has at its center a wondrous blue rose with a silver center
    and golden-rimmed petals.  The stem is single and rises to meet the beautiful
    blossom of perfection.  Just beneath the blossom are two imposingly verdant
    leaves on either side of the single stem. These leaves have silver veins and golden
    edges and are luminous and magnetic. They emerge from the single stem and
    invite us to rise above this barrier to the beautiful blossom which awaits just above.

    Though the center of our tapestry has the appearance of a rose, it is really
    symbolical of the HEART SYMBOL which was given earlier in this book.  

    From the symbolical roots of the rose which are grounded in the earth and matter,
    the rose rises on a stem of ONENESS, searching for the veil which keeps it from
    seeing the beautiful blossom.  It is only with a serge of tremendous will that the
    energy in the base of the stem can rise upward to visualize the awesome beauty
    which awaits beyond, because the luminous leaves serve as an obstacle (duality
    and the veil) to a personal experience of brilliant illumination.  This is a chance for
    the stem and leaves to merge with the single beautiful blossom, and from its
    perspective at the top it understands its identity and harmony with all roses.

    Our circular tapestry is now nearing completion and it is hard to tear your eyes
    away from the beautiful center which is causing a soft musical hum and appears to
    be vibrating ever so softly; however, as we begin to look out from the blue-rose
    center, we can see strands of silver lying underneath, with strands of gold above
    and interwoven within these radiant strands are every color in the rainbow in a
    subdued tone.

    Each color seems to hum in a harmonious harp-like manner. As the strands flow
    out from the center to the edges of the circular design, we can see golden energy
    spirals being dispersed from either side of the CELESTIAL TAPESTRY.   It is
    energizing us and surrounding us with web-like energy strands which are
    awakening us to an informational highway which will inform, nurture, and
    encourage us to reach our DIVINE POTENTIAL.......UNITY WITH GOD.

    Throughout the pages of this book, the Unbroken Circle of Truth and I have been
    beckoning you to accompany us on a spiritual journey which would open your eyes
    to some enlightening spiritual truths which have never been presented in such a
    transparent way before.

    Within the pages of this book, we have shown you many quotes within many books
    which have hinted at the same truth and, perhaps, these books were ones which
    you have read in the past. We would also encourage you to look within any books
    which you might have in your personal library, and we are confident you will find
    the same kind of hints contained within these books.  

    In any case, we are certain that you will have made a quantum leap forward in
    your spiritual journey by allowing this information to penetrate your personal

    We have been on a VISION QUEST together and we have encountered many
    strange signs, symbols, and obstacles.  Our path has been tortuous and the climb
    difficult, but throughout the entire odyssey you should have been able to see the
    GOLDEN LIGHT which was beckoning you and encouraging you to continue on
    and not to give up.

    YOU have been the purpose of this spiritual vision quest and your personal
    understanding has been the goal of every single page.

    Personally and collectively with the Unbroken Circle of Truth, our hearts crave
    union with all those hearts which will blossom into reconnection through this
    journey we have taken together within these pages of enlightening ONENESS.  
    The dual perspective from which you might have picked up this book is now
    dropping around you like shining pearls which have been loosened from a DIVINE
    NECKLACE which was fashioned from hidden spiritual truths and earthly

    As each LUMINOUS PEARL falls to the ground, you become lighter and lighter,
    until you feel so light that you feel like you are floating within a billowy-white
    cloud which surrounds you with tremendous LOVE.

    From out of this LOVE-FILLED cloud, you are gently deposited within a rainbow-
    filled crystal cathedral that is dome-like. This dome is harmoniously alive with
    facets of rainbow colors, all of which are dancing around the entire cathedral,
    creating an orchestrated rhythmic dance which is communicating something to you
    that you know you once knew.

    You look closer and find that within the center of this cathedral, there is a
    platform which is made of 12 crystal spires, placed in a circular configuration
    around the periphery.  Within the center of this circular platform, there is an
    energy spiral which is traveling to the ceiling and bouncing off of every one of the
    prisms within this dome-like structure.   The vitality within this energy spiral is a
    harmonious intermingling embrace between the rainbow colors.  

    There is an ethereal dance which is being enacted all over the inside of

    You feel the urge to stand on this platform in the middle of this energy spiral.  
    From the moment you move into the middle of the energy spiral, your body starts
    to tingle and you know that something wonderful is about to happen.  Your body
    and soul anticipate a fulfillment and you are feeling strangely expectant.  The
    platform begins to gently spin and as it does, a musical sound penetrates to the
    center of your BEING.  You can feel the different pitches and sounds being
    directed, as if orchestrated just for YOU, to each chakra center of your body.

    You are suddenly aware that each of these individual chakra centers has started
    to spin and become energized.  You can see these chakra centers emitting a
    dimensional color in the space in front of you, as each harmonious note is played
    through your body.  These colors are darker, more vibrant and contain an
    intelligence beyond any color you have ever known.

    These life-giving colors contain within them the power to transform your personal
    world into one of pure GOLDEN LIGHT. You are also aware that each cell of
    your body is beginning to vibrate, respond and polarize to a position of ONENESS,

    You are in a state of intense JOY which is expanding and is filling the entire
    crystal cathedral.  You continue to bask in this feeling of JOY and the wonderful
    alignment which is happening within your body.

    Suddenly, as if a magician had waved a magic wand, you are floating over your
    body and are bobbing around within the spiral from the center of the platform.  As
    the harmonious energy which is traveling within and through the cells of your body
    intensifies, you are expanded beyond this crystal cathedral and you are taken on a
    journey of celestial wonder.

    This journey will be a personal power journey for you and on your return, you will
    begin your awakening into a new SPIRITUAL FLOWER day by glorious day.

    You will now respond to the universe from your heart center and from a point of
    reconnection to the SPIRITUAL ALL.  You now know the TRUTH from the
    center of your being and can access information from anywhere in the universe.

    You are aware that from this heart center, there is now a GOLDEN THREAD
    which extends out and connects you to everything in this expanded universe.  

    You are a GOLDEN LIVING THREAD within the WEB OF LIFE.

    Spiritual blossom by spiritual blossom the fragrance grows sweeter and we are
    ready to pick a bouquet of harmonious living colors, a vibrational bouquet of
    magnificence, which we will present to the PRIME CREATOR.......ALL THAT IS.

    Each blossom within this bouquet carries a unique perfume, yet they all harmonize
    and become the SWEET NECTAR which glorifies GOD.

This image above is of the
will now notice that it has
become the three circles
of existence on this planet.

I came to this
understanding during the
time that I was interpreting
crop circles.  

I was led to take each line
and allow that line to
penetrate to the center of
a circle.  

I had always really wanted
to know the significance of
the cross and then one
day it hit me.  I simply
knew that this was part of
the secret to finding the
three circles of existence.  

This is the NEW three
circles of MAN.  

Notice the angelic realm
having now been reached
and harmonized.  

Notice the center circle
of man is now looking like
the iris of the eye.  This
signifies that we are now
seeing things in their true
spiritual light and not their
earthly light.  

Major work on neutralizing
the magnetism of the
earthly world must be
done in order to reach the
frequency of the
HARMONY of the
interactive and implosive
three circles of MAN.