My early years were filled with UFOs.  The woman I called
guru was very active in this early UFO movement.  At
about 5 years of age, you would find me outside in her
yard making the angel hair (what we called it) disappear.  
This substance would be found on the bushes and
flowers around her victorian home whenever she would
sense their presence around her.  

She traveled often down to Big Rock, the early gathering
place which was established by George Van Tassel.  

I was privileged to meet the men who were in the
forefront of the early UFO movement.  I call them the
three Georges.  George Van Tassel, George Adamski, and
George Williamson.  They were often in her home and
meeting with many people.  Telling and showing things
which have never come to light in the books or lore which
surrounds these men.  

I live in a remote area of Montana on the side of a
mountain in a log home.  They (the UFOs) are often
around me right outside my home and over a beautiful
and pristine lake.  
I needed to make this information available on this
website, no matter how many may disbelieve it,
because the truth needs to be made clear to the
world.  How they maneuver between dimensions and
interplanetary worlds is at the heart of all that has
been given to me.

UFOs are often seen coming out of water or hovering
over water.  Some have even been described to have
funnels of water either coming up into or going out of
their crafts.  

Why is this so?  Water is the mystery of our future.  
Until the scientists and powers that be recognize that
water is the source of power which is used by these
interplanetary craft, we will never make the leap in
consciousness that is necessary to get us out of the
mess we are in.  
Our world has become tenuous, in that, we are
destroying the very planet that gives us sustenance
and experience.  Energy has become a focus finally
on this planet, yet the bumbling beginning is
laughable in the eyes of the cosmos.  

You don't see UFOs with wind turbines powering
them, and you don't see solar panels on these craft.  
Neither of these two modalities would allow them the
ability to hover and manipulate the very fabric of the

UFOs travel in interplanetary dimensions and time.  
They can travel at speeds that defy the speed of
light.  How is it then that we have not been working
on this?

Before any meaningful dialogue between these
beings from the stars can begin, we have to grow up
spiritually.  We have to understand the basic
harmony of the cosmos.  Without that
understanding, we will forever be the toddlers of the
universe we now reside within.