These biblical quotes are powerful and transformative if you have
    an understanding heart. Open your heart up to the understanding
    which is centered in GOD ~ ALL THAT IS!

    Genesis 9:12
    "And God said, this is the token of the covenant which I
    make between me and you and every living creature that
    is with you, for perpetual generations."

    Genesis 9:13
    "I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of
    a covenant between me and the earth."

    Genesis 9:16
    "And the bow shall be in the cloud; and I will look upon it,
    that I may remember the everlasting covenant between
    God and every living creature of all flesh that is upon the

    Genesis 9:17
    "And God said unto Noah, this is the token of the
    covenant, which I have established between me and all
    flesh that is upon the earth."

    As you can see, these biblical quotes amplify and enforce the fact
    that I was shown that there is a disconnection in the heart and that
    we are only one-half of the greater circle (GOD). A rainbow is only
    one-half of a circle and this is the covenant between GOD and
    ourselves. Everytime you see a rainbow, this is GOD saying come
    back into the fullness of all that I AM. The rainbow is a symbol of
    the GREATER ALL.

    Job 41:13
    "Who can discover the face of his garment; or who can
    come to him with his double bridle?"

    The duality of our bodies and the duality of our world keep us from
    discovering the face of his garments.  We cannot speak words that
    harm or inflict harm on others for they are US, and that is speaking
    with a DUAL NATURE.  Everything is GOD and, thus, everything
    and everyone are ONE.  We cannot see anything or anyone as
    being outside of ourselves, because when we do we are vibrating
    with an energy of duality.

    The three days after my experience were beyond belief. I was
    being consumed by the electrical fire.  I was alive within the MIND
    OF GOD and filled with an UNDERSTANDING HEART.  What I
    want to share with you here is the very first writing that was given
    to me and which is at the heart of everything I learned.

    I was expected to go to my daughter's house for Christmas Eve
    and I didn't even trust myself to drive because I was filled with the
    SPIRIT.  I would say to her, "Ask me anything, I will know the
    answer."  It was a marvelous time of expanded awareness and

    So with the above having been said,  I would like to present the
    first writing which came out of my experience of wonder. This
    writing was also presented in the Sedona Journal of December


    Your knowing comes from allowing yourself to feel emotion
    (Energy in motion - E-motion) and understanding, embracing and
    knowing the feeling of that E-motion which is then recorded for all
    time within the essence of you which is your soul. Through all of
    the recorded and understood feelings and E-motions which have
    been lovingly caressed, we flower into the unlimited thought of

    Your purpose, your mission and the reason for your display of light
    on this earth plane has been only to play and co-create with the
    ALL THAT IS. . . . nothing more and nothing less. Once you have
    played out every scenario which gives you pleasure or pain and
    once you no longer have the need to take in the E-motion of those
    sensations, you will be in rapture of the THOUGHT which is

    The beautiful light that we are is the thought of the ALL THAT IS
    which allows us our creation whatever we conceive it to be.  If you
    are one whose need is to understand and embrace into knowing
    pain, then my brother and sister, you will be in pain. There is no
    judgment of the pain, IT JUST IS.  Love the pain for it is bringing
    you closer to your KNOWING. You have created it by your
    THOUGHT of it and by the need to experience the E-motion of it.
    The responsibility for your world is, therefore, your little game as
    you play within this realm of matter. You are only a THOUGHT
    away from changing this pain to JOY.

    Your thoughts today become your
    tomorrow and your next moment.

    As you play within this realm of the earth plane and matter, you
    can create anything you choose.

    It has been a wonderful illusion which has kept us all prisoners
    within our own thoughts.  We each impact each other, for WE ARE
    ALL ONE.  We are all the thought of GOD, divine and alive and
    with the inherent potential to have understanding and eventual
    mastery of this plane. There are many planes of understanding to
    explore and many joyous reunions as we connect in a living chain of
    understanding, ever moving toward the ONENESS which we all

    Each one of us who gains in understanding and knowing uplifts all
    others. Do not judge your brothers and sisters on this journey,
    allow them their own mastery and understanding, for we
    all gain from the allowance.


    What is this divine essence that we all possess? Your divine
    essence is the THOUGHT OF GOD MANIFEST IN YOU.  You
    are the I AM.  How do you connect with your divine essence?  You
    reconnect to the UNBROKEN CIRCLE OF TRUTH ~ GOD ~

    Let me explain further.  In the beginning there was GOD, who in
    THOUGHT of himself/herself was brought into glory by the
    duality of himself/herself and created light. The light was composed
    of the duality of electricity and magnetism. The electromagnetic
    energy then THOUGHT into being the Seraphim and the Elohim,
    who by their THOUGHT further divided this electromagnetic
    energy into positive and negative polarities and, thus, man was
    created and the world of matter.

    Our goal was to find the connection to the original source, GOD ~
    ALL THAT IS.  When man became manifest in the duality of
    matter, he became a co-creator with GOD.  By man's thought let
    him be known. The word divine refers to the dive we took into
    energy in order to create the circle of knowledge of the ALL
    THAT IS.  You are the circle of power and you are the thought
    made manifest in the world of matter.

    You are at play here, yet you may have no JOY.  Where do you
    find JOY?  The glory of knowing and the divine essence that you
    are is within you. Through the ARC OF THE COVENANT, you
    reconnect with the circle that was broken and gain reconnection to
    the circle of power that is within the heart center of everyone of
    us, wherein lies the ever-waiting light.  The light from the heart
    center is in wait for the ARC OF SPIRIT to reconnect it to the
    electromagnetic center of the spine for your reemergence into the
    ALL THAT IS.  Once that arc has been reconnected, you are in
    the ever-fluid knowing of the ALL THAT IS.  The HOLY GRAIL
    is within you then and you will forever drink from the spirit of

    Your gross body will then become alive with the electromagnetic
    light and you will resonate with cosmic consciousness.  The more
    you drink from the ALL THAT IS, the less dense you will become.
    You will become alive in the spirit, quickened by the mind of GOD.
    You will play in the fourth and fifth dimensions and expand in
    circular waves into the GLORY OF THE LIGHT THAT YOU

    Do not be fooled by talk of the fourth and fifth dimensions
    descending upon man from some place outside of yourselves.  You
    are the fourth and fifth dimensions and you attain these dimensions
    within yourself.  When we all reconnect by this ARC OF THE
    COVENANT, the earth as we know it will be moving into the
    fourth and fifth dimensions.



    As light playing and creating in matter, our thoughts are our power.
    Just as the THOUGHT OF GOD is the power,  you are ever
    creating your frame of existence.  How does this work?

    The thought moves away from your conscious mind and takes life.
    It is then magnetized to your auric field (the THOUGHT OF GOD
    which keeps you in a manifest form) and creates the circumstances
    for this living THOUGHT to be manifest. Magnificent creators,
    YOU create your world and circumstances. Your thoughts are ever
    evident in the circumstances that surround you.

    Your judgments of others become living things that attach
    themselves to the auric field of you and the one on which you think,
    thereby causing harm to you and to them. THIS IS ORIGINAL
    SIN.  The sin of unclean manifest thought.  Shame unto us who
    harm our brothers and sisters in light.

    When you connect to your LIGHT ESSENCE, your auric field is
    wiped clean of all impure thoughts which have attached themselves
    to you.  You are free from the THOUGHT which has kept you in
    illusion and a slave to matter.

    By the connection of your LIGHT ESSENCE to the
    electromagnetic energy which resides in the spine,  you are in the
    full armor of GOD. No longer can the thoughts of others penetrate
    your armor and attach themselves to your auric field.  You walk
    amongst the many with your essence of protection surrounding you.
    You cannot be swayed by man because your eye is single,  you are
    the complete circle of ALL THAT IS, ever fluid and ever flowing
    towards the pure thought of ALL THAT IS.

    You have the power to control the world in which you live, you
    have the power to split an atom and, yet, it is so simple.


    In the quietest of moments, you will come unto the GLORY
    WHICH IS GOD and know how humble you are.  The ego which
    has kept you its servant will vanish in the blink of an eye.  You are
    light and you are everything.

    The illusion must be broken, you must take the veil from your eyes
    and see through the game that it is.  MAN, as a consciousness, has
    a grand awakening in store. It will ripple forward in great circles,
    ever encompassing the earth on which we reside, until in the
    twinkling of an eye, we are all raptured into the KNOWING OF

    All the words that have ever been written contain the TRUTH.
    They all have merit and they all have part of the power. It is when
    you merge with the I AM that you understand the words.

    Come merge with the light, dip and dive, soar and fly free, free
    from the thoughts which have kept you a prisoner of matter.  Let
    us together create a world of peace, unity and love. Come my
    brothers and sisters, join me in the light of who you really are.


    Your reunion with the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE has been
    prophesied for many years.  The mistake has been that we thought
    this would be brought to us by visitors from other planets, from the
    christian rapture of the few, earth changes, and all kinds of other
    devices to keep us enslaved by our thoughts.

    The CHRIST taught that the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN
    and so it is.  We have made it difficult and unfindable by our
    THOUGHTS.  All the prophesies of old and new are to be found
    within YOU.  YOU are the grand design, the sacred geometry of
    the neverending circle of power, the light that you are, ever
    expanding and ever growing and experiencing.

    In my merging with my light essence, I was given a symbol for this
    new age and I will share this with you here. There are many who
    will feel the quickening within their soul when they see it and some
    will understand immediately, others will come into the KNOWING.
    I give it to you here my brothers and sisters and I honor YOUR
    LIGHT with this knowing.


    This symbol represents the UNBROKEN CIRCLE OF TRUTH
    from which we came, passing through the veil and landing in the
    world of matter and duality.  The symbol of the Egyptian ankh was
    a derivative of this symbol, after the neutralization of dual thinking.

    The duality of this plane is the positive and negative sides (male
    and female) of the electromagnetic energy of the light that you are.

    The duality of your being is the veil
    and the illusion which has kept you
    in bondage. You are ONE, know it
    and become it.

    You are ONE within this gross body and ONE within the light.
    Once you have brought this concept of ONE within the spinal
    center, reach for the LIGHT and it shall be given unto you.

    You are the MASTER who has yet to awaken into the knowing of
    the ALL THAT IS.   It is your divine right and your WILL is the
    key which has been sought for thousands of years.  Know your
    TRUTH and then go live the TRUTH,  for the TRUTH shall set
    you free.

    Your reunion with the I AM is a glory to behold for you raise the
    consciousness of this earth plane.  In being true to yourself, you
    help your brothers and sisters.  You come unto the LORD in a fiery
    burst of DIVINE LIGHT with your beauty shining for all heave to
    behold. The Seraphim and Elohim weep with JOY.  THIS

    The circle is now complete, a circle
    within a circle within a circle.


    Waves of beautiful light spreading in ever-widening circles to cover
    the earth. The power and majesty become unified, the LIGHT
    PREVAILS.  The fourth and fifth dimensions happen in the blink of
    an eye.  We unite in the ONE, never more to be divided. We are
    joined with the ALL THAT IS ~ THE UNBROKEN CIRCLE OF
    TRUTH, never more to be torn away.  We have come to the truth,
    never more to be deceived by the imposter MATTER. We have
    gained the experience which we sought and we now know the truth.

    In the truth we reside forevermore, yet ever expanding
    and ever knowing more experience, until one day the
    LIGHT becomes the THOUGHT, and the LIGHT AND

    We have many wonderful experiences ahead of us and glorious
    enactments to enjoy. Do not be afraid that if you give up matter
    that you lose who you are, for your personality merely goes on into
    forever and becomes the special quality that glorifies your creator.
    You are the sum total of all your experiences and, as such, your
    glory magnifies the LORD ~ ALL THAT IS.

    I can say to you that after my merging with the LIGHT, I have
    never felt more alive.  I feel electric and fluid and enjoy even more
    the things of matter.   I am no longer their slave, they are my slave
    and do my bidding.  I enjoy the day-to-day affairs even more,
    performing the normal duties with a new perspective, because I

    The chains that bind you to matter are an illusion, your life is your

    Know that the light resides in your
    heart center, activate it, energize it
    and then merge it with the
    electromagnetic energy flowing
    within the spinal cord and you have

    The grand illusion has been dispelled and you are now living free in
    the spirit of the I AM.

    Your sword of TRUTH must slay the
    word which is alive and which binds
    you to matter.

    Send your mighty lighted sword from your heart center, slay the
    word and watch it disintegrate into the dust and illusion that it is.

    Many healers are now working on the earth plane through limited
    understanding. They come from all different disciplines, including
    traditional medicine. I tell you from the TRUTH OF THE I AM
    that no healing of the gross body can be complete unless the word
    is slain.

    JESUS healed with the truth of the thought
    and the WORD.

    Healing of the body comes only from the cleansing of the auric field
    of the THOUGHT which has been magnetized into the dis..ease.
    These thoughts have a life and are acting out in the body and in the
    life of the man or woman who is not in alignment with the TRUTH.
    No amount of balms, herbs, massage, or energy work will effect a
    healing on the body that is not willing to look at the THOUGHT
    which is attached to the KNOWING MADE MANIFEST.

    By aligning your dual nature into the
    ONE, you open yourself up to the
    LIGHT which will then connect by the
    ARC OF THE COVENANT with the
    electromagnetic energy of the spine
    which has been brought into ONE
    POLARITY and then YOU KNOW.

    You become the HOLY GRAIL,
    drinking from the CUP OF GOD, the
    thought of ALL THAT IS, unlimited
    thought, liquid, and ever flowing in


    What is the bliss which is promised? Blending with the loving
    ISNESS. The NOW of eternity.

    Your moment of bliss will be the light of a new dawn on this planet.
    Your light and the light of all your brothers and sisters of this
    planet and all other planets will quicken in your light.  The bliss
    comes from the knowing that your light will raise the consciousness
    of man engrossed in matter.  You will become light in body and will
    forevermore walk softly on the earth.  The earth will expand in
    consciousness because the earth is a LIVING BEING that has long
    awaited your birth into light and the birth into light of all humanity.

    The LOGOS awaits your bidding.  Let us create in JOY together,
    for we are forever bound by our unity.

    We are not separate from each other, but live
    within the essence of ALL THAT WE ARE. We
    glow in unity and like a multicolored lamp which
    glorifies the ALL THAT IS.  Our colors mingle
    and dance together, our light shines on the ONE.

    With the BREATH OF GOD living and dancing within each one of
    us, we will be a MIGHTY LAMP ablaze with the truth.

    The sages of old, the CHRIST, the BUDDHA and all masters of the
    world of duality and matter will come to warm themselves by our
    glowing ISNESS.  Yes, they say, a grand day has dawned and man
    comes unto the truth. The illusion is dissolving into the gossamer
    fragile thing that it was.

    Glory, glory to the I AM THAT I AM.


    The holy number seven is the number of the ALL THAT IS.
    However, the sacred circle is complete within the number twelve.
    The sacred number twelve is the number of the LIGHT THAT
    YOU ARE.

    Through this numerical knowing, the ever-widening circles of light
    will penetrate to every corner of this earth.  THE LIGHT WILL
    PREVAIL and the earth will come unto its true place in the grand
    scheme.  MASTERS OF OUR CREATION, we will then advance
    even further into the knowing and create even more wonderful
    experiences in order to better know who we truly are.

    Forgiveness and lack of guilt are the starting points. Forgive your
    every transgression and transmute it with your SWORD OF
    TRUTH, know it for the illusion that it is.

    Polarize your duality into the ONE.
    Search for the ARC OF THE
    COVENANT that resides in the LIGHT
    Connect the electromagnetic
    polarized energy to the light and you
    have transcended into the ALL THAT IS.

    My precious brothers and sisters in the light, I bow at your feet for
    a grand day is on the horizon and the DAWN COMES.  Let us
    walk this earth together, united in the light, unified in the GLORY
    OF GOD and, truly, realizing that we are the purpose of the ALL
    THAT IS.

    Simply desire less and KNOW MORE and you will have the
    reunion with your light essence.

    I challenge each one of you who read this to come join me in the
    unlimited thought of the ALL THAT IS.   Let us join hands, hearts
    and minds in a living chain of raised consciousness.  Let us laugh
    through and love all our experiences for they give all of us insight
    and knowing.  A library of living energy which is the gift of each
    one of us to the ALL THAT IS.